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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

recivilization: possitive ecology in disaster areas

Christchurch, Chernobyl (nuclearculture vs. wildest culture, Detroit ( are but some concrete examples of the disaster society we are living today, the global society of this century is the global disaster society, learning through the practice of living a disaster here, a disaster there...

The pandemia of disasters we are going to live with, is a learning process in the urgency, of accomodating and reaccomodating seven thousands human bodies across 13.4 miles de millones de hectáreas or 

Global hectare (the biocapacity of the planet)

 What we have in front is a global theatre of survival, that possitive sciences translate as "SUPERVIVAL", AS SUPERVIVENCIA versus sobrevivencia)

The central idea of next times in these areas is reconstruction and renovation.

If hard capitalism is going to increase definitely their power for destroing, and not thie rpower for regenerating a lost civilization, we need to be prepared for living in a tablero de ajedrez where each square is "safe" today but tomorrow may be not safe...

The recent discoveries (how many years after "el nombre de la rosa?) of laugh science, maybe is going to close the obscurity times previous to day.

Possitive ecology os taking smile-and-lagh-sciences to re imprinting "hard sciences" with this good humour and hope 

Originally "positive ecology," now "the ecology of happiness," has been what I've been trying to work on and towards for over a decade now... (It's found a recent home at And yes, there is still a need for that, and not just in positive sentiments/visions but also, maybe even more so, in positive practices. First of all, I'd say, because we need to appeal to the love of people lest environmentalism remains mired in this position where it's too easily presented as being pro-planet/against-people.
One of the biggest problems, however, remains the search for single and clear solutions and singular approaches to convince everyone. When positive messages become nothing much more than feel-good, they will serve equally as little as when there's nothing but a call for revolution that may attract some, but portray 'green' issues as nothing but oppositional and sacrificial.

Especially informed by eco-anthro, though, I'd really like to see much more work on how we can (and can only, and have so far) live in ways that can go on (are sustainable), create rather than destroy a lot of ecological functioning and biodiversity (Europe without agriculture through Roman and Medieval times would be less ecologically diverse...) - and can be happy, fulfilling.

Lots of work to do, warning (though there's been a lot of that), speaking truth to power (of which there hasn't been quite that much or quite that influential), and also positively visionary and radically better.

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 5:55 AM, Bradley Walters <> wrote:

Monbiot’s work as a public communicator has established him as one of the world’s most influential environmentalist, so it seems oddly misplaced for him to be so self-critical of his past messaging. Monbiot is a master at speaking truth-to-power and most admire and respect him for all the fear-and-loathing he has served-up over the years. I really hope he doesn’t stop doing that. Rewilding some choice spots of England sounds great, but it is not going to keep the fracking rigs from despoiling most of the rest of his fair countryside.

The last couple years I have participated in many conversations and public presentations about the risks of shale gas development. There has in fact been much debate within the activist circles here about the need to present a positive, alternative vision for the region based on renewable energy, etc., rather than just focusing on the negatives of fracking. Certainly, some folks respond well to the positive vision stuff, but most people respond and get motivated to take action when they learn and become fearful about the risks to their water and health. That said, this defensive reaction is for most folks born out of a mix of fear AND genuinely positive emotions reflecting a caring for their families and love of their homes and places they live.

More generally, fear seems to work particularly well as a motivator where there is a clear and present danger: oil drilling trucks planning next year to sink wells in the neighborhood and the prospects that this might poison the water that comes out of ones’ tap (thank-you Josh Fox for that terrifying image of the tap-water on fire!). But fear seems less effective for most people when it entails a less clear, more existential threat, as is the case with climate change. Then again, fear motivates most of the climate activists I know pretty well, so there are not any clear and firm laws here.

Yes, we need to appeal more to positive sentiments like love of place and the natural world. That is certainly something many of us have forgotten how to do or have become ashamed to admit (because it makes one vulnerable) as we make our appeals to care for the state of the world. Experience and greater confidence has led me to often include such positive-personal sentiments when I give public presentations. Clearly, many people respond well to this, viewing it as “speaking from the heart”, etc. The world is also in need of (and may be increasingly ready to embrace) a genuinely positive, progressive vision based on a radical re-think of how we generate energy, etc. But let’s not get too feel-good about all this stuff. The brutal truth can often be the most powerful motivator and those on the front lines do not always have the luxury of indulging in positive visions.  

Cheers, Brad

From: Piers Locke [/webmail/src/compose.phppiers.locke@CANTERBURY.AC.NZ]
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 8:39 PM
Subject: Hope and Despair in Environmentalism

Hi- EANTHers may be interested to read this latest article from The Guardian Newspaper by George Monbiot which I think raises several issues relevant to the research and teaching practices of list members.

Monbiot argues for a stance that is not tirelessly critical, but which includes positive vision. For me, this relates to the idea of teaching for hope. This was the subject of a very helpful Anthropology News article last year- Latour's article critiquing critique recently mentioned by Eddie Schmitt is also relevant here. Anyway, one of the problems I have encountered teaching my course Environment, Development, and Disaster, a course influenced by recent experiences relating to the earthquakes in Christchurch, is the problem of overwhelming my students with global (as well as local) environmental problems that make them feel doomed and powerless. It seems the challenge is to ensure students believe they can exercise meaningful agency, and that one way to do this is to include case studies of environmental activist success, ecologically responsible policies and initiatives, and perhaps also practices that demonstrate sustainable use of natural resources and attitudes toward nonhumans. I appreciate too, that another useful strategy is community based projects that involve students in environmental initiatives, something we have discussed on EANTH. I would welcome further suggestions from list members.

Another issue that Monbiot raises, one I'm sure will prove contentious, is his claim that pricing nature through notions such as ecosystem services not only replicates the assumptions and practices of an economic system that has tended to ignore ecological impacts, but also that such approaches do not work. I know there is a great deal of expertise in these issues among EANTH members, and again I would welcome responses to Monbiot's dismissal of what we might consider environmental initiatives that operate within the dominant economic paradigm. I guess this raises age-old political questions regarding evolution or revolution, albeit in the context of a global environmental crisis that may be pushing us toward a tipping point that will result in radical, and potentially chaotic change.

Anyway, perhaps you will find these environmental opinions appearing in a major national newspaper of interest.

all the best, Piers

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Teacher Blogger

The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom D Huffaker - First Monday, 2004 - ... The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom by David Huffaker. ... with an online community — bloggers can comment and give feedback to other bloggers, and they can link to fellow bloggers, creating an ... Blogs can be an effective tool for teachers. ... Citado por 275 Artículos relacionados Las 28 versiones Citar Guardar Más,5 [CITAS] Blogging and Blogspots: An Alternative Format for Encouraging Reflective Practice among Preservice Teachers. GM Stiler, T Philleo - Education, 2003 Citado por 158 Artículos relacionados Las 3 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] [PDF] Content delivery in the 'blogosphere' RE Ferdig, KD Trammell - The Journal, 2004 - ... They can be used as a knowledge-management tool where teachers and students communicate with ... The blogger must then filter the results to post the "best of" content for readers. Through this process, bloggers are exposed to vast amounts of information on their given topic ... Citado por 389 Artículos relacionados Las 8 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] Teacher professional identity development with social networking technologies: learning reform through blogging AL Luehmann, L Tinelli - Educational Media International, 2008 - Taylor & Francis ... In order to understand how teachers capitalized on the social networking opportunities provided by the blog, we began by ... each post and comment; we also counted the number of times within a post that a blogger made explicit connections to other bloggers through the ... Citado por 47 Artículos relacionados Las 7 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] Teacher-Created, Teacher-Centered Weblogs: Perceptions and Practices. BB Ray, MM Hocutt - Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 2006 - ERIC ... of bloggers is unknown; recent statistics published by other researchers indicate the blogger community includes ... However, it is not known how many bloggers are K–12 educators. ... Identified blogs included only those created by K–12 inservice teachers in public schools in the ... Citado por 31 Artículos relacionados Las 6 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] Reflective practices among language arts teachers: The use of weblogs BB Ray, GA Coulter - Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher …, 2008 - ... However, it is not known how many bloggers are K-12 educators. Therefore, we sought to conduct a census of Internet blogger sites to identify teacher- created, teacher-centered blogs, including those created by language arts teachers. ... Citado por 27 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar [HTML] [HTML] Creating a writing course utilizing class and student blogs A Johnson - The internet TESL journal, 2004 - ... not get into that topic but rather discuss creating blogs at 'Blogger' (located at in ... The ideas presented in this paper are intended for teachers that meet two conditions ... First, the teacher can obtain a computer lab with Internet access and each student will have a ... Citado por 78 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] Using blogging in support of teacher professional identity development: A case study AL Luehmann - The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 2008 - Taylor & Francis ... in their support spiked my own interest in blogging as a potential learning tool for teachers and informed ... The personal blog allows each blogger to determine ... Lisbon, , Portugal View all references also argued that this integration of other's voices gives bloggers the opportunity to ... Citado por 60 Artículos relacionados Las 5 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] Pre-service English teachers and technology: a consideration of weblogs for the English classroom M Shoffner - Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher …, 2007 - ... As practicing English teachers and edu-bloggers demonstrate, however, weblogs are present in English classrooms, making ... of the issues surrounding weblog use and analysis of current practitioner and edu-blogger weblogs, preservice English teachers have the ... Citado por 13 Artículos relacionados Las 7 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] [PDF] University of Rome “La Sapienza”-Italy E Toscano - 2010 - ... opportunity for the development of one's individual personality; while in the second Momoyo Mitsuno, more specifically, investigates the use by teachers in Japan of blogs as tools of subjectification and construction of personal experiences. And, finally, a last contribution is by ... Artículos relacionados Las 3 versiones Citar Guardar Más [HTML] Reflection and the middle school blogger: Do blogs support reflective practices? BB Ray, MM Hocutt - Meridian: A Middle School Computer Technologies …, 2006 - ... Three (3) Points : The educational blogger demonstrates an ability to reflect on his/her work. ... I frequently see teachers walking classes down the halls with the kids shouting, pushing and shoving, and not listening to anything the teacher says. ... Citado por 13 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [PDF] Privileges, privacy, and protection of youth bloggers in the social studies classroom IR Berson, MJ Berson - Social Education, 2006 - ... Preparing Students for Safe Blogging Some teachers are embracing blogs as a learning tool.22 These teachers use the opportunity ... Just as you have First Amendment rights like other bloggers, you're also subject to all the same legal responsibilities. ... A blogger is responsible ... Citado por 14 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar Blending by blogging: Weblogs in blended learning initiatives JA Oravec - Journal of Educational Media, 2003 - Taylor & Francis ... Popular edublogs include http:// (with a teacher as blogger) and Serious ... The weblog as a genre has evolved quite quickly since bloggers often exchange insights about ... add a description and their own critical commen- tary for their teachers and peers to ... Citado por 171 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] [PDF] Using blogs in an EFL writing class WS Wu - meeting of the 2005 Conference and Workshop on …, 2005 - ... Right now the audblog telephone number is located in the United States, which means bloggers outside USA have to make an ... Study of Blog Use in an English Class First, since you can create more than one blog in, it is recommended that teachers can set up a ... Citado por 51 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [PDF] Practice view: Blogs for language learning B Dieu - Tesol Essential Teacher, 2004 - ... a clean, intuitive interface, I usually have my students set up accounts with Blogger ( ... Especially useful for novice bloggers are Weblogs for Use With EFL Classes (Campbell, 2003), Blogs for Learning English + Teaching ... Invite guests--teachers or ... Citado por 32 Artículos relacionados Citar Guardar Más You blog, we blog: A guide to how teacher-librarians can use weblogs to build communication and research skills TR Embrey - Teacher Librarian, 2002 - ... Teacher-librarians can use Weblogs (blogs) to build communication and research skills. ... Examples of and places to get blogging software that facilitate the creative process of publishing a blog are provided, along with some of the more popular Internet resources for bloggers. ... Citado por 61 Artículos relacionados Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [CITAS] Blogging for Informal Learning: Analyzing Bloggers' Perceptions Using Learning Perspective. 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Citado por 70 Artículos relacionados Las 7 versiones Citar Guardar Más New teacher identity and the edublogosphere: A multi-case study of first year teacher bloggers RL Payne - 2008 - Abstract New Internet and communication technologies (ICTs) facilitate collaboration and interaction among teachers. The increased presence of web-based tools in education settings prompted this qualitative inquiry. Widely available and inexpensive, these ... Citado por 2 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Más Weblog-based electronic portfolios for student teachers in Taiwan HH Chuang - Educational Technology Research and Development, 2010 - Springer ... to other bloggers or to other Internet resources create opportunities for involving bloggers in a ... This new WBEP platform was implemented and used by the participating student teachers starting in ... Results from the user evaluation of the Blogger ® system in terms of user interface ... Citado por 31 Artículos relacionados Las 10 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] No we won't! Teachers' resistance to educational reform I Berkovich - Journal of Educational Administration, 2011 - ... Bloggers are therefore often referred to as opinion leaders (Kavanaugh et al., 2006). ... Another blogger in the teachers' blog, Rachel, emphasizes that new wage agreement harms and humiliates her and her fellow teachers: ... Citado por 7 Artículos relacionados Las 6 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] [PDF] websites for the language teacher D Eastment - ELT Journal, 2005 - ... and English-speaking academics in Japan, and EFL Geek, run by a Canadian blogger in Korea ... hosts over 100 blogs from teachers and students around the world, listed ... Not for those with poor eyesight, though – why do so many bloggers choose to write in ... Citado por 4 Artículos relacionados Las 3 versiones Citar Guardar [HTML] [HTML] Feature: E-learning 2.0 S Downes - Elearn magazine, 2005 - ... something used by millions of people empowered by content creation tools such as Blogger and Wordpress. ... blogs were used for a wide variety of purposes in education; an educational bloggers' network formed and by this year thousands of teachers were encouraging ... Citado por 839 Artículos relacionados Las 10 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [PDF] Blogs and blogging A Lamb, L Johnson - School library media activities monthly, 2006 - ... Blogger - Class as a whole, Small groups, Individual students ... Are the bloggers writing for themselves or a particular audience? ... management strategies and "how to's" ❖ Teaching activity ideas ❖ Key issues in teaching and learning ❖ Tips for teachers ❖ Funny moments in ... Citado por 6 Artículos relacionados Citar Guardar Más [PDF] Does blogging have a place in teacher education? Incorporating blogs and determining their effectiveness in PIHnet A Tan - Society for Information Technology & Teacher …, 2005 - ... links to relevant websites, all of which are related to the blogger's life, work ... ideas online and share them with students, colleagues, or other likeminded bloggers (Glenn, 2003 ... teacher demographics and technology competence, as well as the reactions of teachers, mentors, and ... Citado por 4 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Seeking an online community for professional development discourse: a content analysis of teachers' blogs TG Pashnyak, VP Dennen - International Journal of Web Based …, 2009 - Inderscience ... most common post functions suggest that blogs provide the means for teachers to share ... world, but also engaging in some level of commentary or discourse with other bloggers. One blogger, writing under a pseudonym of elementaryhistoryteacher, comments on her on reasons ... Citado por 3 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar [PDF] 15 Economics blogs and economic education1 TC Haab, A Schiff, JC Whitehead - International handbook on …, 2012 - ... Blogs can be used by teachers and professors as a “learning management system.” Ayres ... of advertising revenue as motivation for blogging, other potential revenue, blogger age, length ... Some bloggers choose to write less frequent but more lengthy posts, while others generate ... Citado por 2 Artículos relacionados Las 3 versiones Citar Guardar [HTML] [HTML] Educational blogging S Downes - Educause review, 2004 - ... Free software is a dead end." And although Movable Type recanted, many bloggers moved to an ... have done so, including Philip Greenspun, John Palfrey, and an anonymous blogger known only ... Despite the risks, teachers and students alike feel the benefits make blogging well ... Citado por 489 Artículos relacionados Las 5 versiones Citar Guardar

internet [LIBRO] La vida en la pantalla: la construcción de la identidad en la era de Internet S Turkle, L Trafí - 1997 - ,. En este, su segundo libro. nos regala un paseo por las transformaciones internas de los sujetos que conviven en un mundo virtual. Más allá de un fenómeno sqcial. se ahonda en el individuo como un personaje, como un vicario que vive a través de una pantalla, que ... Citado por 564 Artículos relacionados Las 2 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [PDF] Understanding the psychology of Internet behaviour virtual worlds, real lives AN Joinson - Revista iberoamericana de educación a distancia, 2003 - En el primer capítulo de este libro se hace una pequeña introducción a Internet ya las diferentes herramientas que contiene. Asimismo, se hace un recorrido por los distintos medios tecnológicos que han revolucionado, desde distintas perspectivas, el mundo de la ... Citado por 336 Artículos relacionados Las 17 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [PDF] Internet y la sociedad red M Castells - Lección inaugural del programa de doctorado sobre …, 2001 - Internet es el tejido de nuestras vidas en este momento. No es futuro. Es presente. Internet es un medio para todo, que interactúa con el conjunto de la sociedad y, de hecho, a pesar de ser tan reciente, en su forma societal (aunque como sabemos, Internet se construye, ... Citado por 635 Artículos relacionados Las 31 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [LIBRO] Redacción periodística en Internet R Salaverría - 2005 - Si bien el ejercicio del periodismo digital en España no posee un eje neurálgico definido, la reflexión teórica y académica en torno a este nuevo periodismo está impregnada por diversos acentos del Norte: desde la obra pionera que en 1996 publican los profesores ... 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Citado por 12936 Artículos relacionados Las 8 versiones Citar Guardar Más [LIBRO] Internet business models and strategies: Text and cases A Afuah, CL Tucci - 2000 - Despite the Internet's phenomenal impact on business and its reach across all sectors, no model has emerged for thoughtfully valuing companies' Internet efforts. In addition, strategies for effectively competing in this environment are just beginning to materialize. ... Citado por 1453 Artículos relacionados Las 6 versiones Citar Guardar Más [PDF] [LIBRO] Internet: y después? D Wolton - 2000 - Todo el interés de la comunicación como estudio teórico, está en la mezcla de dos dimensiones: valores y resultados técnicos, ideales e intereses. En el imperio de Internet ya no se sabe bien cual es la premisa dominante. Desde mi punto de vista esta es la razón ... Citado por 355 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar Más [CITAS] Educación e Internet: la próxima revolución? JJ Brünner - 2003 - Fondo De Cultura Economica USA Citado por 176 Artículos relacionados Citar Guardar Más [PDF] Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications I Stoica, R Morris, D Karger, MF Kaashoek… - ACM SIGCOMM …, 2001 - Abstract A fundamental problem that confronts peer-to-peer applications is to efficiently locate the node that stores a particular data item. This paper presents Chord, a distributed lookup protocol that addresses this problem. Chord provides support for just one ... Citado por 11418 Artículos relacionados Las 423 versiones Citar Guardar Ciberpragmática: El uso del lenguaje en Internet F Yus - 2001 - Earlier it was reported that the new submarines will be adopted and will replace the obsolete type Collins not before 2025 and will last at least until the year 2070. The regional Ministry of Finance of Germany expressed their dissatisfaction with the economic situation of Berlin ... 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The analysis differs from that of previous studies in that it significantly widens the ... Citado por 214 Artículos relacionados Las 7 versiones Citar Guardar Direct and differential effects of the Internet on political and civic engagement M Xenos, P Moy - Journal of Communication, 2007 - Wiley Online Library Given the significant rise in the number of Americans who turn to the Internet for political information, we examine the effects of these behaviors on political and civic engagement in an evolving media landscape. Specifically, we test hypotheses derived from competing ... Citado por 213 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar Information and political engagement in America: The search for effects of information technology at the individual level B Bimber - Political Research Quarterly, 2001 - Abstract Some aspects of democracy appear more sensitive than others to the availability throughout society of political information. Individual-level political engagement poses a puzzle in this regard. An instrumentalquantitative conception of information that is central ... Citado por 399 Artículos relacionados Las 5 versiones Citar Guardar [LIBRO] Virtual inequality: Beyond the digital divide K Mossberger, CJ Tolbert, M Stansbury - 2003 - That there is a" digital divide"--which falls between those who have and can afford the latest in technological tools and those who have neither in our society--is indisputable. Virtual Inequality redefines the issue as it explores the cascades of that divide, which involve ... Citado por 610 Artículos relacionados Las 4 versiones Citar Guardar Más Internet use and civic engagement: A longitudinal analysis MK Jennings, V Zeitner - Public Opinion Quarterly, 2003 - AAPOR Abstract Conclusions about the impact of the Internet on civic engagement have been hampered by the unavailability of before and after measures, a shortage of varied and multiple indicators of attitudes and behaviors regarding engagement, and insufficient ... Citado por 274 Artículos relacionados Las 6 versiones Citar Guardar

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pronunciación: IPA: /eˈskwela/ esˈkwela    

Las traducciones a sánscrito:

  • विद्यालय 
    (Noun  )

Otros significados:

Institución o edificio en el que los niños y gente joven recibe educación. 

En Telugu:  

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A Theory of Strategy – Learning From China From walking to sailing

0.0 iNDICE

0. blibiografía sumaria

3. laZimby: Palabra Clave Para Salir de la Crisis

6. tresen 1: tú la cuña y el queso entero

8. He visto una gayumba en flor

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buenas tardes
reenvío este correo que complementa el que mandé hace un rato

y disculpa si lo has recibido otra vez

Hoy lanzamos un mensaje alto y claro, podéis verlo aquí:

Ésta es una llamada a toda la ciudadanía que ha decidido que es el 
momento de actuar.

Necesitamos información para dejar de padecer sus mentiras, para dejar 
de ser llevados de la mano como niños, para quitarnos de una vez la 
venda de los ojos. Ahora es cuando tenemos que vivir, cuidarnos y aprender.

No podemos seguir contando solo con las acciones judiciales para 
disuadir a los defraudadores. Las investigaciones se alargan años. 
Debemos llevar nuestra lucha diaria al Parlamento Europeo. Sin miedo.

Con una victoria en Europa podremos tener mayor fuerza y cambiar la 
manera de hacer
las cosas. No dentro de varios años, sino ahora.

Ahora es cuando están dejando que todo se venga abajo mientras el 
dinero… “desaparece”.

Pero no desaparece, simplemente cambia de manos; el problema es que 
nosotros perdemos el rastro del dinero.

No hablo como economista sino como experto en mecanismos de opacidad, 
como persona que lucha contra esos mecanismos.

¿Queréis saber cuál es la relación?
La desaparición del capital.
Tenemos que saber a dónde va.

No se puede esperar a que las leyes cambien y nos protejan mejor para 
hacerlo. Podemos empezar a protegernos compartiendo la información y 
coordinando mejor nuestras competencias.

Ya no son los estados demócraticos los que imponen sus leyes. Son las 
grandes multinacionales las que marcan sus pasos mientras les miran por 
encima del hombro. Hay que romper este círculo de servidumbre que no 
descansa más que sobre la corrupción de ciertos elegidos.

Es el momento de un esfuerzo común. Es el momento de salir a las calles 
de nuevo, esta vez para votar y continuar el cambio, para crear nuestra 
sociedad a diario, más allá de los periodos electorales.

El diálogo sobre nuestros destinos no puede seguir haciéndose sin que 
estemos informados y sin que participemos activamente. El futuro de 
nuestro dinero y de nuestros empleos no puede volver a decidirse sin 

Luchamos por el derecho a saber, sin el cual el derecho a elegir nuestro 
destino y a votar, es simplemente una parodia sin sentido.

La información es la condición para nuestra libertad y nuestra dignidad.

Este es nuestro plan. Este es nuestro objetivo.

Hervé Falciani

Anunciamos que el próximo martes 29 habrá un encuentro abierto con Hervé 
Falciani en el chat de Pú

Por favor, ayúdanos a que este mensaje llegue a todas partes 
compartiendo en FB: 

Y en Twitter con el ht #FalcianiXEuropa

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Especulación y caciquismo

José Manuel Naredo  (25 de julio de 2009)
No puede haber cambio del modelo económico imperante sin corregir la marcada dimensión especulativa y caciquil que ha venido caracterizando a la economía española durante el pasado auge. ¿Por qué no ha mejorado sensiblemente la calidad de vida de la población cuando la economía española ha venido disfrutando de una financiación inusualmente barata y abundante? ¿Cuál ha sido el destino de esa financiación?

Una parte importante de la misma se invirtió en la compraventa de empresas y activos patrimoniales preexistentes como tarea mucho más prioritaria en la lucha por el poder y por la “creación de valor” de las grandes corporaciones que la de cuidar su propia actividad ordinaria, ligada a la venta de bienes o servicios. Las mismas empresas no financieras vinieron invirtiendo en adquirir activos financieros, más del doble de lo que destinaban a mejorar o ampliar sus infraestructuras y equipos, privilegiando así, la especulación frente a la fabricación de bienes o servicios, cada vez más subcontratada y precarizada. Las copiosas inyecciones de liquidez que se vienen practicando reanimarán, evidentemente, este juego especulativo si no se modifica el contexto que lo propicia.
Otra gran parte de la financiación ha venido alimentando la burbuja inmobiliario-financiera y la constelación de megaproyectos e infraestructuras generalmente asociados a ella. Una vez obtenidas las plusvalías de la recalificación de terrenos y/o los beneficios de la fase de construcción, suele evidenciarse el fiasco económico y el sinsentido de los megaproyectos, ahora subrayado por la crisis inmobiliaria. Numerosos exponentes de este proceder han venido desordenando el territorio al dictado de oligarquías político-empresariales que sembraban por doquier, con el apoyo del dinero público, parques temáticos, nuevas “ciudades” e infraestructuras, sin contar con las necesidades de la población ni con las vocaciones del territorio. Tal vez la operación denominada Reino de Don Quijote, en Ciudad Real, pase a la historia por haber contribuido a la bancarrota de Caja Castilla La Mancha, al forzarla, entre otras cosas, a financiar un ruinoso aeropuerto privado para que accedieran los ricos del mundo a jugar en el nuevo casino que servía de pretexto a la operación. Pero esto parece un juego de niños en comparación con la treintena de casinos y la megalópolis del juego que se pretendían instalar en el desierto de Los Monegros…
Afortunadamente la crisis vino a parar tamaños despropósitos. Pero, una vez pinchada la burbuja inmobiliaria, queda el negocio puro y duro de la construcción de infraestructuras inflado por el dinero público que fluye ahora con redobladas pretensiones anticíclicas, haciendo que la letra E de España avale las obras que sin ton ni son salpican el territorio. ¿Ha preguntado alguien a la ciudadanía cuáles son sus prioridades, antes de emprender un programa de este porte? No parece que así sea y, sin cambiar las reglas del juego, las nuevas inversiones seguirán alimentando la dimensión especulativa y caciquil de la economía española que nos ha llevado a la penosa situación actual.
Economista y estadístico

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Fritz the Cat-Full-the-movie

Qué es Complaciencia?

Complaciencia es el hecho y la acción de complacer

Además, complacencia suena fatal, y nos está gritando que es antinatural, para nuestros sentires, que se sienten maltrechos cuando tratamos de pronunciarla sin paladear sílaba por sílaba a la fuerza, para no caer en el atractor evolutivo, fluente, que lo hace mucho mejor con la "i", esa "i" que aparece (en) complaciente, pues se s("i")ente, y es que siempre he tenido la picá de que ciencia viene esactamente de sentir, scientia, esencia, lo que se siente se hulismea, olfactea, lo mas animal, lo invisible, y lo más refinado...

Nuestra simbiodiversa definición; Complaciencia: la Ciencia Complacer Compartiendo.

A continuación, lo que nos dice enternet: 

En la columna de la izquierda se listan palabras similares a "complaciencia" y palabras que incluyen "complaciencia" o algo similar en su significado.

No se pudo encontrar "complaciencia" en el diccionario de sinónimos sin embargo al revisar "complaciencia" o voces comparables se pudo ofrecer otros resultados de utilidad.
No es posible dar con la palabra "complaciencia" en el diccionario de antónimosaunque al revisar "complaciencia" o palabras equivalentes se logró presentar alternativas que pueden ser útiles.
No fue posible dar con el término "complaciencia" en el glosario de términos gauchescos y criollos de Argentina sin embargo buscando "complaciencia" o expresiones parecidas se logró exponer los listados que se presentan.
No es posible encontrar el término "complaciencia" en el glosario de lunfardo y giros de Argentina aunque al indagar "complaciencia" o partículas análogas se pudo brindar los listados que se presentan.
Imposible dar con "complaciencia" en el glosario de jergas y modismos de Argentina no obstante al revisar "complaciencia" o expresiones análogas se consiguió proponer alternativas que pueden ser útiles.