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lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

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domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

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martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Collapse / Non Collapse

A Minimal Model for Human and Nature

(NASA Study: Civilization May Be Headed for 'Irreversible Collapse')


Safa Motesharrei
School of Public Policy
University of Maryland
Jorge Rivas
Department of Political Science
University of Minnesota
Eugenia Kalnay
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
University of Maryland
November 13, 2012

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

A Journal of Polemology

  • Polemology: A Synopsis

    www.tandfonline.com › ... › Table Of Contents

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    de PD Bardis - ‎1981
    4/5/2012 - South African Journal of Sociology ... The author argues that polemology, the science of war, is much more advanced than irenology, the ...
  • Cambridge Journals Online - International Review of the Red Cross ...

    journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0020860400082942 - Traducir esta página
    13/1/2010 - Cambridge Journals ... (1961 - 1997); >; Volume 8; >; Issue 89; >;Polemology and Pacifism, by G. Bouthoul, World Justice, Louvain, 1968, No.
  • Western Theological Seminary :: Library :: Journals :: Polemology ...


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    6/2/2014 - Search for journal title and access information at Western Theological Seminary.
  • [PDF]

    Book review - Australian Army


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    Australian Army Journal • Volume IX, Number 3 • page 167. Book review ... Those with a greater need to find out more about polemology will need to look.
  • Revista Gladius


    For interchanges please write to the Journal address. .... following subjects: arms and armour, military history and polemology, from the earlier times until the end ...
  • Academia.edu | Documents in Polemology - Academia.edu


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    Polemology ... Journals 0 ... An introduction to Polemology (a term coined by Gaston Bouthoul, which the authors are attempting to popularize in Anglo-Saxon ...
  • Polemology - WikiMediation


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    19/5/2010 - The term "polemology" means the study of conflicts. ... "That perspective has led to the publication of books and journals and the creation of ...
  • Peace and conflict studies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    This is in contrast to war studies (polemology) which has as its aim on the ... such as the Journal of Peace Research in the 1960s reflected the growing interest ...
  • Gaston Bouthoul. En conmemoración de un pionero de la polemología


    de J Molina - ‎2007 - ‎Artículos relacionados
    Article: Gaston Bouthoul. En conmemoración de un pionero de la polemología. Journal: Reis. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 2007 (119).
  • integral studies: scientific base, achievements, endorsers, prospect


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    key words: human ecology polemology history medical war prevent research ... The scientific discourse in polemology is aided by international journals such as ...

    No se ha encontrado ningún resultado para "journal of polemology".

    1. Polymatics Plastic Processing in Clearwater, FL 33762 - (727) 572 ...


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      Information on Polymatics Plastic Processing in Clearwater. (727) 572-7604. Address, phone number, map, driving directions, hours of operation, services, ...
    2. Virtual Synthesis of Thermally Cross-Linked Copolymers from a ...

      pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jp409664d - Traducir esta página
      de LJ Abbott - ‎Artículos relacionados
      29/1/2014 - The Journal of Physical Chemistry B ... Virtual Synthesis of Thermally Cross-Linked Copolymers from a Novel Implementation of Polymatic.
    3. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B: Volume 118, Issue 7 (ACS ...

      pubs.acs.org/toc/jpcbfk/118/7 - Traducir esta página
      20/2/2014 - The Journal of Physical Chemistry B ... Journal Cover ..... of Thermally Cross-Linked Copolymers from a Novel Implementation of Polymatic.
    4. Polymatics Plastic Processing, 12650 Automobile Blvd, Clearwater ...


      Traducir esta página
      To link to Polymatics Plastic Processing's page, please copy (CTRL+C) the code ... US Seeks Abe Assurance He Won't Visit War Shrine - Wall Street Journal.
    5. Polymatic: a generalized simulated polymerization algorithm for ...


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      Academic Journal. DOC. TYPE. Article. ABSTRACT. This work presents a generalized structure generation methodology for amorphous polymers by a simulated ...
    6. The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal

      books.google.es/books?id=GgEwAAAAYAAJ - Traducir esta página
      Ralph Griffiths, ‎G. E. Griffiths - 1807 - ‎English imprints
      Revised an.d augmented bf Tables of Logarithms for the Use of Engineers, Sec. By A.A JL. Rfynaud, Professor at the Polymatic Schuol, &c. 8yo. Pari*. v 1806.
    7. Papers in the journal Journal of Physical Chemistry. B | Read by QxMD


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      In this work, a general methodology is presented for constructing post-cross-linked polymers by a new two-stage implementation of the Polymatic simulated ...
    8. Journal of Materials Chemistry A - RSC Publishing - Royal Society of ...

      pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/.../C3TA12442H - Traducir esta página
      16/8/2013 - Journal of. Materials ... View Article Online · View Journal | View Issue...... Chem. Acc.,. 2013, 132, 1334, Polymatic website: http://nanohub.org/.
    9. Journal of Physical Chemistry B - Journals - Chemistry - RSS Feeds ...


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      Colloid journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences .... a Novel Implementation ofPolymatic · Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 6 days, save, RefWorks · SFX Info.
    10. Lauren J. Abbott - Google Scholar Citations

      scholar.google.com/citations?user=f4UqIJcAAAAJ... - Traducir esta página
      Postdoc, Sandia National Labs - ‎Verified email at sandia.gov
      The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (1), 355-364, 14, 2012. Polymatic: a generalized simulated polymerization algorithm for amorphous polymers

    No se ha encontrado ningún resultado para "journal of polymatics" 

    1. polímato, erudito | Fundéu BBVA

      20/7/2010 - Polímato (a veces, polímata) se ha empleado en español para traducir el polimates griego, aunque se han utilizado más otras palabras, como ...
    2. Polimatía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

      La polimatía (del griego πολυμαθία, el aprender mucho (de μανθάνω, aprender y πολύ mucho)) es la sabiduría sobre campos diversos. Así, un polímata (griego: ...
    3. polimato (ssongmato) on Twitter

      https://twitter.com/ssongmatoTraducir esta página
      The latest from polimato (@ssongmato). Just an ordinary matoki from POLI Island~ | MY POLI FAM : @POLIte91 @POLIdeer @POLIchy @POLIseob :3.
    4. Spanish example sentence: Un polimato es alguien que sabe ...

      Browse translated example sentences. This page shows translations and information about the sentence: Un polimato es alguien que sabe mucho de un ...
    5. Significado de polimato - Aulete - Uol

      aulete.uol.com.br/polimatoTraducir esta página
      ... polímata, polímate · polimate · polimatia · polimático · polimato · polimelia · polímelo · polimento · polimerase · polímere · polimeria · polimérico · polimerismo ...
    6. Polímato - Dicionário Online de Português

      www.dicio.com.br/polimato/Traducir esta página
      Significado de Polímato. s.m e adj. Antigo. Desuso. Que estudou ou tem conhecimento sobre muitos assuntos. Grafia atual e correta: polígrafo. (Etm. do grego: ...
  • jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

    Abrazo Metropolitano

    Metropolis / Merdopolis
    On Wholly Capricious and Criminal Transport System

    In a Worksheet we are going including cities with more than Half a million People.

    We may begin using a sample of those cities inhabited by a number of people being a Multiplus from Half a Million:

    - Half a million

    - one Million

    - One and a Half million

    - two Millions

    .....   ...   .....

    until 30 millions?...

    For each city we select the following variables:

    - Human Population

    - Infraused Car Population

    - Asfalt Surface

    - Urban Air Pollution

    - Trafic Jams in lenght x time

    - Car Ads in the local media

    - Diversity in transport systems

    - Increase in Human Population in last 30 yrs

    - Increase in Infraused Car Population in last 30 yrs

    - Increase of Asphalt Surface in last 30 yrs

    - Increase of Urban Air Pollution in last 30 yrs

    - Increase of Traffic Jams in lenght and time

    - Increase of Car Ads in local media in last 30 yrs

    - Increase of Diversity in transport systems in last 30 yrs

    The medical rationale category and a new epistemology in health

    The medical rationale category and a new epistemology in health  (Review)

    [A categoria racionalidade médica e uma nova epistemologia em saúde]

    Instituto de Saúde da Comunidade, Universidade Federal Fluminense, R. Marques do Paraná 303/3 Centro, 24.033-900 Niterói RJ, Brazil
    Laboratório de Práticas Alternativas, Complementares e Integrativas em Saúde, Unicamp, Brazil


    This article is an analytical report on the 20-year trajectory of the 'medical rationale' category that emerged in the early 1990s in the area of Social and Human Sciences in Health in the field of Public Health. Its objective was to study complex and therapeutic medical systems and traditional, complementary and alternative medicines. Based on a critical review of the literature, it presents some aspects of the cultural, political, institutional and social context of its emergence, as well as its main contributions and developments on a theoretical level and on social policies and practices in health. The southern epistemology concept of Boaventura de Sousa Santos is used to reflect upon the contribution of the 'medical rationale' category to the critique of the post-modern scientific rationale and to the creation of a new epistemology in health.

    Author keywords

    Complementary Therapies; Culture; Epistemology; Medical rationales; Traditional medicine
    ISSN: 14138123Source Type: Journal Original language: English, Portuguese
    DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232013001200016Document Type: Review

      Instituto de Saúde da Comunidade, Universidade Federal Fluminense, R. Marques do Paraná 303/3 Centro, 24.033-900 Niterói RJ, Brazil