Maybe you are a teacher 1.5 in that your everyday classroom is changing between two real possibilities.
Maybe you are a teacher 1.5 in that your everyday classroom is with seats that are not permanently fixed to the ground.
Maybe you are a colleague.
Maybe you are a colleague in that your experiences and mine are similar in the use of classroom.

Fractal dimension of a classroom, taking in account her seat structure, can change, thus between two extreme points: 2.0 and 1.0.

Bipolar abduction marks the cloud of points around 1.0 (only "lectures" classrooms)
Multipolar abduction marks the cloud of points around 2.0 (only "eyes-to-eyes" sessions)

The first pill of zeronomics (zero-cost economics) we propose is about the classrooms. It is a good first example because we, as human beings, in our everyday life have a very rich set of experiences where both, bipolar and multipolar, dominating.

We go to cinema. 1.0.
Later we go to the bar "a tapear". 2.0

Authomatically, we tend to see the eyes of the human beings we are with.

Authomatically, from many thousand years to now, our eyes are looking for a direct contact with anyone we are with.

Recently a big step was reached in the search for the origin of religion. and ritual.
Eurocentrism were preventing a deep search for that and other things. As in recent times, when lecturers usually spoke of "the greeks", when refering to our origins..., as if Greek was the first people in humankind!

Recently it was finaly considered, that the origin of churches are in the danzing circle, around the fire.
Recently, as a special device, in congress you could find "circle-meeting, in the style practised during millenia by our ancestors, and by our indigenous communities. Maybe this trend comes after so much bipolar meetings, in congress and classrooms, where the social, and physical, structure of the classroom continue feeding in so high numbers, what must be considered, actually, as psicology of masses of fascism.

That physiological-rooted fascism marks, during 18 or so years, the "education" of our university students. Note the small angle of perception in bipolar hyerarchical classroom. Note how almost all attention of students, during the most important period of their lives, for growing, and growing learnings, is forced, obliged, towards that small angle, and mainly a plate surface at all. The doctrinal structure in bipolar classroom is clearly of "planiland" style. Nothing to do with the three dimensions they will meet in their profesional, or everyday lives. The "plate screen" mode of perception will dominate (also in future?) more than one thousand hours each year only in the classrooms, if the "slave" "only-lecture" classroom is not change urgently in a planetary scale.

How much cost that change? Nothing... just now, you, as teacher, and thousand of millions students in the world are actualy losing perhaps 90% of their money, and of their sensorial capacities. Remember you are living beings, youare animals, trained during millenia and millenia in a changing ecosystem and in a dynamic life. But now, in 21th century, most of students are losing both, their act to decide freely their way of life, and their sensorial capacities to live healthily all of their lives.

That massiv physiological fascism is constructing you, as student or teacher, "unconcious" in the way that after, in your proffesional lives, you will never choose freely, because of your strong physiological adroctination, and empowerishment................