Grouuing: Your Own Sci- and Tech-

((POSDATA 11.9.11: Being this text, below, a "execrable text", shows as ideas are worth spreading them, in the "provisional" state they would be. After one year have beginning this, OUR-AND-MINE, my first blog:, when this post arrived (2010/10 in the link above) I was at great great speed "eating and defecating", all the new science I could quickly: ruminate, and spreading, across increasing my personal (generaly seudo anonymous) reflexions in posts, and or reconnecting them, all that new science, and later, constructing a very comprehensive (of increasing formal comprehension) vocabulary, diccionary, of new memes, or descriptors, that yu can see already in october 2010, in this savage post, where it is already present, the idea of our own shamanic powers, after to have been approved, by all that new science, I (and we, across internet) are being re rotulating across all that selva of new memes, but pointing to a very simplistic and epistemological idea. That shamanism, as precursor of all knowledge systems, can explain "visceraly", and symplecticaly, all the derived knowledge... after the re incorporation of "the second actor" (the first, the formal language), that is, popular wisdom-and-language. (1). Formal Language, (3). Popular language, (8) The re integration and implementation of both, within rural, indigenous, shamanic Wisdom-and-language.

We close our theatral function within four tools, auto tools, your-and-mine (this transconnection among you-and-me is vital for living and understanding new science, just beginning, for example, in this functionaly tweens: mirror neurons, and echolocation...we share with animals and ecosystems as well. Being Autopoietic Being END POSDATA))

KwantVm Marjiks: Your Own Science and Technology

Quantum Magics: Your Own Science and Technology

If a process of spontaneous rythm construction, on surfing on Sensosphere, walking at sunset, to the east, can translate multisensorial message for remembering, by means of a sound (multisound, strophe, multi verse, would be in this case as the sound, of the voice of a bear, YRORRROOOFFFGGGGGGIIIIINNNNGGGG

aand theiir inffinite posssible varrriations, any way...

All the science and technology is yours, as a row piece, your body, of a complex, and transfinite systems, whose main key is, by default, connectivity.

Connectivity as equality, as bi-interaction, as any interaction is minimaly from two systems between them;

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Quantum Magics would be a multimultilanguage