martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

Primera COOpetición de Zangaya-Earth: Oued-Laou-Lhorce

Primera COOpetición de Zangaya-Earth: Oued-Laou-Lhorce

Zangaya-Earth or Gaya-Earth (to begin) is a system affiñiating gps with geographical information systems.

The working unity is the basin, or valley, according to ecology, and to biorregion cencept.

We want to play this interactive-inclusive game beginning with two "pieces" that are the two valleys of the rivers Oued Laou and Guadalhorce. Yes, these rivers don't share their fluvial basin. They share, on the contrary-complementary, the same marine basin, that's not greater, or wider that the amazon, moreorless.

We are going to accumulatie diverse information about these two basins.

The subjects for that brain-strominh are wholy free, according to the forth-dimensional education model by Selby, David.

At he end, the game would permit to co-ompare two whatever basins in the world...

We are gonig to build a three dimension model with 64, or 48 pantallas de ordenador donde se pueda indagar información politemática de cualquier cuenca del mundo.

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