Hortus semioticuS

If we sume up what earth is saying us, at great voices, is that, change.

World 1.0 is suspictious with change.

World 2.0 is change wellcoming, as "supervival" coming  by all the entrance of new information to the system, in form of changes.

More changes are subsumed in the semiotic network by people, more dynamic and eficiently, people flow at minimal effort, along the multidimensionality of that world, we call 0.0 or sensosphere.

More present is people, in action learning, as one heart within the landscape where people live, more integrated people will have (and have had! for milennia!) all the automatic technologies, we suming as mokoputomoko, to be aware of that, in a way understandable, at a such point as to be aware of that the change is only in consciousness "only"""!

We have all that potentialities, as mere components, of a network, the mokoputomoko network, the sensosphere, where our succeful survival depending on our awareness that what we are.

What we are, Who we are. Evidently our intersubjectivities is anyway proportional with all our sharing memories with other intersubjectivities. Intersubjectivities, thus, offered to describing ourself as individual "on the way". If millions and millions of bits coming every second to us, to our sensing body, and change it in so (suposed) significant way, it means that if we know where we are, with what people we are sharing our sharing lifes, and how all that communities of friends, change, that would means that I know better to myself, just myself is fed, is constructed, by experiences, and experiences are temporal spatial.

World is changing at such a speed that I am amazing how in universities, at the moment, changes are coming little bit, by little bit...

Change is money. But 1.0 gobernments try to forget all the science previousley paid by them and their citizens, to millions of scientists that, are mainly silent? but see, unconsciously? how all that new and vital knowledge for survival is taken to rubish...

But on the real world, from millions citizen that for first time in their lives can communicate themselves without censorchip, where the best way to transmit one idea is to say to google.

Sharing our dreams.

I have emailed with many people from many fields of knowledge. That last years. Most of people maybe perplexed, relaxed and silent, without feedback. In true, that metasemantic implosion is polymathic or polygooglematic
googlematic sound well.

Sharing our dreams, in that moment when phenomenology, shamanism, junguians, mindfulness, are uniting across scientific papers, means that it seems that change is at high speed.

Sharing our dreams means means as if that big bifurcation by Lazslo were here.

The symplectic derive from all that cloud of knowledges, surfing on consciousness, and pointing in mindfulness, as (plain) conciousness, as the basic of what we are, we make, we sense, and we process our lives, make clear so far away we are from the times consciousness were expatriated from science.

Centuries beyond, shamanism "suffered" another extirpation from societies.

But all that dynamical and mainly popular revolution of "new age", in the sense that universities were so reluctant to all that knowledges that today, yes, if we SEE, we SEE that change is at high speed.

Curiously, universities is such a big universe that within universities, you have all that diversities of world possible, fractal dimension among 1.0 towards 2.0 and more...

But also if you make a (plain) phenomenological analysis from what we do, where we do, and how we do, within classroom.

Maybe we discover the great diference among, say, two types of classrooms. 1.0 y 2.0 We can calculate de fractal dimension.

In 1.0 classroom activities are profoundely conditioned, not by conditioned air, but by certain ¿ignote until now? objects, physical objects, by their surface ocupating, by the time passed in classroom, and by the orthogonal position of those objects.

Say, imagine you were descending this morning from Mars, for first time to the planet of that type of classroom, and you see that. inmediately, maybe your thinking maybe is maybe, thinking that those people in such a enclosing and subjection situation maybe one experiment were happening.

One such experiment, including today, I think a statisticaly significant population.

As I have said, also with many critic writings, is maybe that type of static-hierarchical clssroom have been, maybe, vital for all that authentic implosion in science that promises "a happy end".

Maybe that type of meditation, orthogonal meditation, was vital to using lineal models, it was very clear which, at least in one place, those models were validated. In the classroom. Validated as a desvitalising "a priori". Industrial orthogonal classroom is very old. it have been lonly experimented. Its virtues will perdure, as all the talking we will enjoy in our lives.

Maybe we were fascinating (myself too, actualy) with some lineal, or anything else model, and maybe the model was pre-constructed in my cells, tissues, organs, systems, senses... by that static and very curious classrooms.

The good notice in such a global crisis is that change at classromm level, is a change which increase, exponentialy, the diversity of learning methods, the diversity of grupal activities, an the inclusionaliy of the classroom. Fractal Classroom is a classroom that take maximum profits with minmal effort. If people learn to live with minimum effort, that give you the way to think as so many european people visiting so many points in that lovely and multicultural world, and discovering, how "other" people, were living in such a peaceful way, and the epytet for that was "third world"!

Multifunctional classroom is money. More uses, more money. Lectures don't need static seats, and don't need so many hours...

We invited to you to visit our simbiodiversidad blog. Global Science have grown widely at her grounds. Symbiodiversity was as a door that were open between two (before) separated worlds. Nature and humans. Sensosphere is a recent derivation from "lazimby". One from several "sensosphere" I found in internet after coming to my mind this term, was saying that we are in the era of sensosphere.

We could say that sumum of science is sensing. Etimology speaks. Science, Sense, Sensus, Consensus, Consciousness, Content.

Sensosphere is Quantum Biology in action. All that scientific redundance we observe within all that enormous scientific, recent productivity, act a superglue, facilitating the communication among disciplines, that only in eighties, produced the panorama described by Michel Serres in the title of the book: "The Norwest Pass". Such there were so many barriers for the unification in science towards a global science. And now things have changed.

Our approach is polymatic. Any respect for disciplines. But common sense here and there. In such a way that for that dreamed global science, common sense maybe the best superglue.

Shamanism as a hiper common sense. Entangled and diverse. Shamanism would be, in cultural biocultural phylogenetics, as a sixter group of diferent types of knowledges. As that was the model by Feyerabend. One knowledge system that accept, in conviviality, all knowledge systems.

But the speed with which shamanism, and common sense (we could consider all systems shamanism derivated), were reentring in modern science, in universities, have been very variable. But today holistic thinkers seems as mushrooms, growing here and there. And physical practisioners of "inmigrant" techniques coming to europe from all over the world, in last 50 years, have also grown very much. Indigo science is here. Phenomenological and biosemiotics articles are using more and more a most unitary language, in such a way that promising in very short future a brutal change in scientific literacy. Towards common sense! Returning to common sense in scientific language means also a better and eficient way of scientific communication. We have a great inflation in scientific knowledge. We have many redundancies too. We have scientific material and human global material to reach to enjoy a luxury scientific, and technological revolution.


two characters RE. and many changes.

 RE change the sense and the meaning of the old term in the way to open to change. And movement.

cheyismoni is a mimi for zeronomics.

Coca-Cola and IBM are but nothing, of that revolution passing on all parts of society. Planting in buildings permits to pay the cost of building, in 11 years!