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  • 43 Things - A social networking site where users create accounts and then share lists of goals and hopes.
  • - Register to vote and discuss items listed in news directory.
  • Babblestorm - People in the UK sharing items of interest to discuss and rank the latest news items. Create a profile and submit content.
  • - Citizen journalism site for posting news, information and events. Currently covering California, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia.
  • Barefoot Workshops - Details about a not-for-profit body offering workshops in documentary film making. Project list and gallery showcases the use of participatory video in the developing world to address issues such as HIV/AIDS, displacement, natural disaster, and youth empowerment.
  • BrooWaha - Project enabling people to write about news events in their U.S. city. Contributors' input ranked according to popularity.
  • CNN: I-Reports - Accepts video, photos and audio from a computer or cell phone. A compilation of news items submitted by citizen journalism.
  • CoMagz Linkadlic Magazine - Community e-zine of items created and rated by users. Covers art, gadgets, technology, science and the life observations of columnists.
  • Coastsider - News and information covering the San Mateo county communities. Open for readers to post stories, add to the conversation, or ask a question.
  • Cplash - Presents citizen's views on news and matter concerning society in India and globally. Derives its name from citizen and splash (as in, front-page news splash).
  • Feed The Bull - User-driven, social content site where people submit, comment, and vote on financial news articles. Every user can feed (help promote), starve (remove spam), and comment on the items posted.
  • Global Voices - A focal point for citizens’ media. Providing training, online tutorials, and free open-source tools for people around the world to use safely to express themselves. Offers weblog, wiki, and aggregator of international weblogs.
  • Helium - Citizen journalism outlet offering a platform for writers to write articles on topics about which they are knowledgeable.
  • Hypergene MediaBlog - Dealing with participatory journalism, and how audiences shape tomorrow's news. Written by media design consultants Chris Willis and Shayne Bowman.
  • JeQQ - A social bookmarking site at which users can submit and share news, get listed and vote on other posts.
  • Kuro5hin - Community discussion website focused on primarily on culture and technology. Content generated and selected by the users, with the exception of site news which is written by the editors.
  • MeriNews - Platform where citizens can share news and debate general issues. Content tends to focus on events in India.
  • Muncie Free Press - Publishing citizen and volunteer submitted journalism for East Central Indiana. Includes user guide, blogs, frequently asked questions, and contact form.
  • NewsCloud - A community directory for sharing and commenting on news. Creates tiny url shortcuts for emailing friends about uploaded content. Join to submit stories, videos and weblog posts from around the web.
  • Newsvine - Register to add a news story, comment or write a column. Open source, community news service, which lets members customize the news viewed.
  • NowPublic - Vancouver-based platform for participatory news-gathering. Global posts of news, photos, and video.
  • OhmyNews International - Online newspaper with the motto "every citizen is a reporter". The majority of articles are written by freelance contributors.
  • Online Journalism Blog - Comments and content by Paul Bradshaw and a team of "virtual interns" linked through a Facebook Group.
  • Online News Squared - Project begun in 2003 by the director of shared content for Chicago-based Tribune Publishing and Interactive, Scott Anderson. Covers trends in the online news industry.
  • Orato - Expert articles, video, audio and photos from professional and amateur correspondents. All journalists have bylines and are paid for their posts.
  • Philly Future - Philadelphia-based blogger-driven online newspaper.
  • Potrero Hill, San Francisco - Neighborhood guide to Potrero Hill, California. Add to news, police blotter, message board, local directory, events and photos.
  • Public Press - Global and local filters displaying citizen published columns, photos, questions, classifieds, and events.
  • Publish A Letter .com - Send letters to the editor of any English language newspaper in the world. In case the letter is not printed, post the letter also on this site.
  • Sportingo - Register and write articles on any sports-related event. Vote, discuss and set the forum's agenda.
  • SpyderWeb News - Post stories and vote on their ranking. User-posted content, tag cloud, and list of most active members.
  • Tennessee Folk - Citizen journalism and networking site, with a particular focus on rural places. Tools for creating classifieds, weblogs and for sharing events, links, and images.
  • Universal Hub - Group of bloggers in Boston write about community news and information.
  • University Chic - E-zine written for and by university women. Submit items about campus social news, study abroad, advice, beauty, health and fitness.
  • - Social bookmarks manager that makes it easy to save favorites and share them by wagging. Driven by and for people.
  • WickedLocal - That’s “wicked” as in “very” – not “witch.” Provides tools for New England communities to write stories, join forums, post events, upload videos and publish pictures.
  • Wikinews:Wikinews needs you! - Explains the basics of writing articles for the Wikinews community, how to edit a page, plus links to the newsroom and tips on how to ask for help.
  • WinnipegFIRST - Grassroots local news site covering community events in Winnipeg, Canada. Contribute, comment and blog.
  • Your Hub - Community site to share stories and photos, events, weblog items and classifieds among USA-based neighborhoods.
  • Denver - Submit stories, photographs and opinions to this citizen journalism site.
  • freshare - Resource for news, information, pictures and events relevant to the Ozarks, Missouri.
  • iBrattleboro - Alternative information source and community forum for Brattleboro, VT.
  • mixeye - A platform for public journalism. Submit insights and opinions, news and events.
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  • CitizenXpress - Citizens-empowered portal. Favors Indian content. [RSS]
  • MeriNews - Find feature news content from a citizen journalist site with a focus on India. [RSS]
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