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Sensosphere and Synestesic Mind in Buddhism


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Āyatana (PāliSanskrit) is a Buddhist term that has been translated as "sense base", "sense-media" or "sense sphere."[1] In Buddhism, there are six internal sense bases (Pali: ajjhattikāni āyatanāni; also known as, "organs", "gates", "doors", "powers" or "roots"[2]) and six external sense bases (bāhirāni āyatanāni or "sense objects"; also known as vishaya or "domains"[3]). Thus, there are six internal-external (organ-object) pairs of sense bases:[4]
Buddhism and other Indian epistemologies[8][9] identify six "senses" as opposed to the Western identification of five. In Buddhism, "mind" denotes an internal sense organ which interacts with sense objects that include sense impressionsfeelings,perceptions and volition.[6][10]

1. WE NOTICE HERE how Indian Buddhist Epistemology (of senses and sensing) give a special preponderance to the hybrid character of any perception action, where the internal organs or sensors, are in co action within "external" domains.

2. THIS thoughts have been taken by Francisco Varela (The Embodied Mind) (see in Google Books), and, in acordance with Merleau-Ponty Flesh, I think shape a crucial hybrid aspect in the Epistemology of Cognition  they call Autopoiesis, that forms maybe the easier way to approach Complexity Sciences, just because the Subject, the Self, re emerges again, throughtout the vital force of the action of perceiving, where always we have a close co operation between we (our senses) and the ecosystem or domain...

3. All that reintegrating Res cognitans (who and with we very know) within Res extensa, whose follow enriching our 21 century sci meme: sensosphere, and so connected with mirror neurons and echolocation, as the brokers by excelence of the old barries dychotomies wich already affect to sobre natural natural, normal (from Illustration) to paranormal, or and extrasensory capacities that our novel science take for all us as a "re new" super power, human but also not human, just echolocation and mirror neurons always work together with and within all the world we inhabit,tacitly, that thru these sym biotechnologies, shamanic and Buddhist, we are perfectly, and actualy aware of...the existence of that world, and also aware  of the existence of life, as shared with your "affair"...

(by Agustin Antunez Corrales & ISMA: "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion")

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