martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

why university 1.0 were obsolete

an open letter to Daniel Denett and Federico Aguilera Klink

y tu que sabes, el documental probmente más completo e integrador de la consciencia moderna,

1. solution for Dennett and Federico question, went "miracously" from Isabelle Stenger: capitalism is a (black) sorcery, and Shamanism, in their wide and phylogeneticaly inclusivenness, when is approached as bio-cultural diversity, as a pre- and historical research-action wisdom-reservoir of a planetary scale,

2. recently Bruno Latour comes also to global pre- and historical (precristian) common sense, assembling people and thoughts about another "bestia salvaje" within premodern , preintegrative science: Gaia (un) (or uhm) theory, just because if billions of unicelular sensors per minute, synthonize automaticaly, within Sensosphere (Gaia network of sensations), as a result from billions years co evolution,

3. is because when we share the child of Nietsche, the child of Fericgla, and the feral children Kamala y Amala, we converge in shamanism, today we can be happy when science already explains and acept shamanism after a deep process of reintegration in research-action, in autoethnographic manner, autoexperencial manner, within fourth (auto) etnobiology, where you not only are a indigenous, integrated to your landscape, but you also are a shaman (niño), your inside-child, always vital, reintegrated across remembering, and reactualising that strengths, making a continuous spiral between present-and-past, that insuflates creativity at children style, always playing, and prevent you to fall in traps from clonic planiland,

4. clonic planiland is the answer to Daniel and Federico: the excess - abuse of the attention to the map, as a historical western process of giving more and more power to this channel, seems to have reduced so drasticaly our innate capacity of survival that we have forgotten that in that world there are another thing but "economy", as so many clonic mass media (only in spain?), dispatch clonicaly from 2008,

5. planiland (des) nurtures mainly educated people across three family of very common activities, at least today,

6. the obedience and submission which historicaly build our public education systems, affect to so many people that some factors have been needed,

7. politicians are crazy, you know, as Federico and many others, say, but politicians were "as you or me" before to fall in  their madness, and if they are in some place in the piramid, in the same piramid we are too, in which place we are? we are a uma teacher, we are intermediate between this craziness of politicians and "commons", my role, the role of universities is worth to be more reflected now, in that global epistemological tsunami, why univeristies were so silent within the storm "out-the-classroom",

8. technicians nurtured the political actions, technicians have been biographicaly victim of a historical, slavery education system, beginning with greece, sparta, continuing when modern industrial fortified states began in Europe, and you can be the actual fossil remainders in medieval-hierarchical 1.0 classrooms, still (the title of the post is thinking and imagining that today it is the day of Reyes Magos 2013) so common, fixed, sensorialy deprived (how depravation!), actualy as if you obtain your brain, after so much equis years and hours in that such a hyperadroctination 1.0 system, in lonchitas, as in The Wall

9. Italy 12.000 hours in school; Finnland only 6.000, and mostly in activities outdoor, and inter activities inside classroom,

10. feeding our senses, attention and consciousness, so many people, after some generations, in a close plain surface, be the book, the paper, the power point, the monitor, the ebook, or the wall, the road, the plain buildings or surfaces,

11. the result is the easy adaptation to connect ourselves humans across many plain possibilities,

12. manual workers, working with all their bodies, outdoor, are being nurtured, sensorialy, in what we call 0.0 world, where the basic by default three dimensionality is enacted across a miriad of sensation-clouds, making reality for your senses the multidimensionality, your attention powers are empowering everyday,

13. in sensosphere, map is territory, and your attention decides where land now and you fix your attention in a small cloud of small flies around near your face, at the early sun, and each second you could decide where landing your powers of attention, and this power is basic in general in cultures for survival, if twenty minutes later the lecture cannot be eficiently attended?

14. shamanism may be sumed as the synthonization via research-action, with "the territory-all" (global-complex vision), across two principles: impecabilidad and intento; and two practices: acechar and ensoñar (lucid dreaming), the body is who learn, an active body nurture the brain and re creates new connections when attention is eficiently used for c r e a t i n g; as nature, or ecosystem, your surroundings, are always creating and recreating themselves, by the stational, circadian, and every changes experiment for your senses, it is enough a minimal attention experimentation for consider a serious question the infinitude of the quantum field inside whom we, as complex-sensors, dynamicaly co evolve,

15. shamanism can also be considered in single, common sense way, as part of historical common sense, in rural areas, which the "endogamic evolution" of cities, had forgotten, maybe someone have analysed this question about rural and urban thinking,

16. school and university 2.0, or FTF, include groupal learning inter activities, beyond lectures; school and university 2.0. also is nurtured across internet 2.0, beyond "virtual campuses",

17. school and university 0.0 integrates the surroundings in a research-action process glokality-in-action, displacing the center to city and biorregion or valley /hydrographic basin; in our case, the alboran sea, as a amazonas river between africa and europe; malaga as the sharing subject, and all the mountains around Alboran sea that we can observe, directly, specialy in autumn days, from Jbel Musa to Sierra de Gador, you have hundreds of peaks, you can see directly, only opening your eyes, from Playa de la Misericordia, all that visible realm, from malaga town, is our room; such an exorbitant exo-landscape, accesible by eye, increase enormously our own powers, until we are going to draw, like the spider web of panoramas, from diferent malaga points of view, lines connecting singular visions, singular points, singular mountains, singular streets; in that way a cross-vision merged, drawin a real web of singular biorregional points, that you greed each morning, and follow using them as references, as continuous remember of our more-than-human inclusion and existence,

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