miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Sensosphere is the Gaya Brain

Within the afrocaribean musical atmosphere of Essaouira, we reach to express which what mirror neurons express themselves in their mutual "titilating" is wich the sensorial unity is not just the individual alone, but the community where individuals interact and construct themselves integraly as interconnected and interdynamical modules within a continuum we could call SENSOSPHERE ("The Language of the Ecology of Language")
As mirror neurons clearly manifest, the network of sinapsis wich construct our day everyday, in every action, or thinking, is a "double-entrance" network, where those information coming from our brains or from our bodies is just a very little, if it is compared within all the information comming from "outside";
from neoclassical neurosciences point of view, there was only of those two channels; we could say, thus, which neoclassical neurosciences were almost blind, implicitly ignoring all the amount of information co,ing from sensosphere;
this blindness, was in accordance with the very well known barrier, in neoclassical neurosciences, between the left brain (we could say "the king"), and the right brain;
please, take in account that if this barrier was formaly closed, for neoclassical neurosciences, which were reducing their mind territories, out of emotion, and from sensation, that means that neoclassical neurosciences were literality living inside their own particular Platon Cave, whose adress was exactly inside our skull, exactly only in the left half of our brain;
the rest, of the brain, the rest of the body, and the rest of the world, out of our skin, this very curious era of neoclassical neurosciences, could be characterised, in very next future, as the solilpsist neuroscientist, whose image of the world were isolated to half a humble brain;

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