viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

la formula del gran hermano

Mr. Srihani,
I invite to you too, to, where linked,
today one anonymous reader was reading one of your articles.

Our aims are the same, complexity as a easy tool to integrating and
implementing knowledges, ideas in today World.

Across, again, your splendid web, I met this article: Time to Divorce God
from Religion, and quickly came to me the idea on the "Subject line" of
this email.

Iusualy I usualy comes to use abduction as a main tool for integrating and
implementing ideas, knowledges, science: memes.

Abduction is the great gift 19th cent. Pearce, take within western mind
and scientific basic methodology, unafortunatedly, abduction was until
very recently, only a discussion very specialised term within certain
phylosophy rooms, until informatics, along artificial intelligence,
applied abduction to computer language, and Dr. Srihani you and me weren't
using all those facilities in internet today (each day emerges in ocean
internet hundreds of new devices, beyond these two or three more
publicited across Apple, for instance), if abduction were not being aplied
(still in certain fields only)

Abduction is the basis of creativity, If today writing and discourse have
adquired all that network-minded simplicity and power across millions and
millions messages each day, is because old clonic, tending-to-zero
net-info, classical newspapers and telenews, are functionaly fossil!

Muslims began looking plane images in printed texts in 19th century

"The Abduction of Modernity" is a global not eurocentric treatise on
history of modern world (chinese-US author)

This last Abduction is the "opposite" (complementary) sense of Pearce

Main abduction ( as physiological enslave cartesian process) in western
humans could reduce to projection to the plane, 2D, (see video Planiland
by dr.quantum physicist), across three cardinal "passive motors"
linear-blended, everyday normal, normalised, and normalisator highly
repetaed domestication processes:

a car, one person, in one motorway

a student, functionaly isolated, looking to a plain, the desk, or
powerpoint, within a classroom

a person looking, reading, some info across a plain surface, sheet of
paper, book, ebook, magazine, internet, tv.

The formula of Big Brother is here.

When you compare all diferent ways of conversation not included in those
from above (collective transports, U-classrooms where lectures tend to
zero, web 2.0 within classrooms and political saloons...)

Naturalist revolution, complementing scientific, social, and tech, coming
today to urban people to be aware joyfully, from their local territory,
organism-city, and all their lives, biodiversity, and in that way, we
urban 21th cent. global dwellers would be prepared for climatic

And one thing to make clair: if climatic change and co2 increase, were not
co-interrelated, as a cause, anyway we would not forever following
suffering more those horrible cities absurd, industrial-fossil,

Muslims began to put human faces on print papers on 19 century.

Maybe they are more sensible to these things about Mahoma representation.
We western are a hyperrepresentational culture, you know?

And your culture, Mr. Srihani?

Thanks, and excuse me the email extension, you have give to me the
convivial opportunity to co create... :)

@kamalayamala, agustin antunez corrales,

abduction 1.0 (individuo-centrica, ej. rajoy y tú)
 2.0 (socio-céntrica, antropocéntrica)
0.0 ecocéntrica: sin parentesis, o treinta millones de especies o nada) 

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