lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011


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  1. goods! autism and creativity, creativity in narratives, good! very! mach!


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    wrongness is a obsolete term today, at last from freativity point of view. What I found more amazing and fortunate, is the way "creativity" is enforced and empowered when seen under "Autopoiesis" multidimensional point of view. Autopoiesis have been revolutionising the row basis of biology (Margulis simbiogenesis) and of many areas of knowledge. In fact Autopoiesis is not row "creativity". Not. Autopoiesis transform all the creativity reflections, in RE- creativity, and thus, a very higher order than row creativity. Autopoiesis systems, as you and me as bio organisms, means we are in a permanent pocess of RE- creation; across our brains, across our bodies, and across the ecosystem or environment.

    From my own experience, my insights coming each early morning after walking some kilometers across quiet urban streets and gardens.

    As creativity (and RE-) is originated in all-the-system (environment-across-an-observer); more attention, quiet attention, you pay to your dynamic surroundings.

    You become a "generalist-naturalist-in-the-city" paying attention to any piece, object, or details from any of the infinite possibilities across your walk.

    Being myself a professional naturalist dring years, at University of Málaga; And coming from a very pleasure young life within countryside. And lastly more time within city than in countryside. It may be said that I have found a way to substituting my desires for cuntryside, across the fractal nature that you can find across your own city and surroundings.

    After insight, generaly a gift obtained, with the clearness described by Krishnamurti, my usual wrk is a conscous process of fixation.

    Generaly insight coming after a rich rain of many interesting ideas. These ideas are going to form the "thinking diet" of this concrete morning walk.

    After insight for example in Parque del Oeste de Málaga, I rest deeply awar of the gift. And I thus begin the next process: Of fixation.

    For fixation I creatively repeat and repeat the idea coming in the insight, in order to not forget it, and at the same time in order to begin elaborating the corpus, minimal corpus, or afgumentation.

    I sing the idea, meanwhile I follow walking, with the own rhytms of my foots and sandals (alpargatas).

    I also construct simplificate forms of the idea. for example, if the idea (generaly they are) is a composite phrase, I short them in only one composite term.

    For example, infimonikal matematical system, after times working with her, I receive by intuition (envrironment-to-brain-and-body) one new meme: MatComSense: Mathematics of common sense (commons' sense!) After to obtain the insight: mathematics of common sense, I choosed to short them as MAT-COM-SENSE, as a detective playing to re connect global, unified science, with several multidimensional tools, among them, the infimonikal system.

    hanks for your creativity, actualy RE- creativity...:)))