miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Anthropocene Ecology and Biogeography

(by Agustin Antunez Corrales & ISMA: "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion")

The acceptance by scientists of the existence of Anthropocene,

means that they accept too,

the existence of human species.

Human Do Exist!

We Could Say.

1) Human affect ecosystems

2) Human interact with ecosystems

3) Human Do Exist!

Take in account that still in many disciplines,

Scientists continue without accepting,

That Humans beings are embeded within ecosystems,

In that way many disciplines are going now to save,

From their "Zomby-Status" still so visible,

In disciplines as "Intracranial-Neurosciences",

Where all conversations were,

Around brains,

And almost around left brains,

For these scientists,

The body were not existing at all,

And the ecosystem were also inexistent,

If you go now to Biology of Language,

You would be amazed also,

By the myopia of scientists,

That only treated as language,

What is produced by mouth and throat,

Ignoring again the body,

As a unity of Language...


Consensus about Anthropocene

As a time for reflexion

For reflexion about Us

Us as humankind

Aware of the need of reflection

About our epistemological stupidity

Of feeling Us special, and separated

If now we want climb

We have enough scientific tools

In many disciplines

In the way that displines can be re in novated

With all that tsunami we call

21th century scientific revolution

---- ---- ----

When a minimal mass of that 21th...

Is put in contact with "Ecology and Biogeography"

These disciplines turn around

"Meme Ecology and Biogeography"

Meaning that from that moment

Any descriptor may be analised

With the tools of these disciplines

Meme is equal to descriptor

If a text is a sample of descriptors

Any text may be analised

Scientificaly and Quantitatively

With Ecology and Biogeography tools

In that way

Any landscape becomes a text

(As Ecologists and Biogeographers use them)







Any Text becomes a Landscape (or ecosystem)

And may be analised

With the scientific tools

So widely developed

In natural sciences


Meme ecology and biogeography, as a integration and implementation science, with the objective of valuating, from her holistic viewpoint, the very rich arsenal of actualy virgin new science, that is still, in a significant level, nesting, & incubating..., within their mother specialities, whose relative epistemological isolation, may be now easily, quickly, and amusely, analised, across the so many and rich tools and methids, developed in ecology and biogeography,

When these methods, archipublished in scientific papers, are (epistemo) logicaly expanded to all social sciences, at so symplectic style as if you consider any ecosystem as a text and viceversa.

The greater oportunity of re Occupy invisible spaces within Strong Barriers among disciplines.

Examples of strong barrier is the book DNA by Watson, where all references to 21th scientific evolution revolution (horizontal gene transfer, or Lynn Margulis) are been expresely omitted.

We have now social ecological systems, where human and ecosystems are together without distinction. Biocultural diversity. Symbiotic Conservation. Ecological Economics. Permaculture. "Una Epistemología del Sur", Anarcoepistemology of Feyerabend, Shamanism (see: Expermenting with refrains" of Isabelle Stengers in "Subjectivity" Journal, where a Marxist Scientist based her argumentation on Shamanism too)

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