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The Characteristics of Highly Creative People


Maybe we would better, or and, alternatively approach "Highly Creativity", as re Creativity.

God was the creator; with time, certain people would also be close to God by earning individual attention, or fame, from other people.

reCreativity, seems to be, as a scientific fact, the basis of 21th symbiology revolution, as Autopoietic beings are creating themselves in the meanwhile they are creating, cooperatively, the ecosystem, that not only inhabit, but increase, interchange, evaluates, co-lives, is pure conviviality what makes life. Plants have no plans for a eficient dissemination of their seeds. Their stakes are in the air, and all the bio vehicles, in the symplectic, but exhorbitant actual complexity (compared with laboratory conditions), of any piece of "descampado" in the semi wild surroundings around Campus de teatinos.

This all creativity we allucinate in any semi urban and semi wild place where seeds dance with sands and air, without gardeners or (other than themselves) engineers, or biologists, or environmentalists; but these plants are been "malditas", "maldecidas" por el ultra poder simbolico patriarcal del lenguaje, que las llamaba "malas yerbas". (se lo pondrían las "multis" de la green rev?) Creo que el bonnier es más benefactor pues puede que les llame subespontanée...

Where is this aparent chaos we would expect from such a "Unhuman disorder" as a semiwild semi ruban surrounding?

We apply hyper creativity and or re creativity, with the fussion of very intensive and enjoyful analysis of etymologies across diferent languages, what make you strong with language because yu feel and see and tocuh, and radiography, by instinct, whatever word, phrase, idea, or things,....

Another good food is attempt observation of surroundings, if yu have fredom for using time for quiet observation without stress...

so many nature are in cities that urban renewal now of this type I talk about is only a change in consciousness of one complex system where all ingredientes are already in correct pocition and functioning...

Only yu may give to quiet and vacuum observation a certain attempt, intento de atender,
con la suave tranquilidad, con que habla paul shepard y david abram y cualquier ijo de vecino y o campesino, que siente las cosillas por el estilo...

Another cuestion to add is any piece of any part, in any discipline of all that renovated and envigorized new, new science, that is so new, that se pasa de rosca, y huele a vieja muy bieja y pellleja......

este ingrediente es de lo que mas escasean en revistas academicas y en general en internet

juntar neuronas espejo y ecolocacion fue un maravilloso atrevimiento de un autor de ezine, como este que llega aqui, recogia entre las gustosas inmundicias de este no blog, con ustedes, vuestras mismas mitocooooooooooooooooooooooooooondrias,

pero unos individuos o personas más allá, en este small actual world...

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Expert Author Joseph Benn
I recently ran a creative thinking workshop for some business students. At the end of the session one of the students asked me if I could spot a creative thinker. To my mind the question is moot as everyone whether or not they realise it thinks creatively at some point. As I pondered the question however I began to realise there were some characteristics that seemed to be present in just about every person I would categorise as highly creative.
Flexibility - its important to be flexible and to consider the possibility that problems and challenges may have more than one answer or solution. A creative thinker needs the flexibility to realise when something isn't working and its time to change the approach. Many of the creative thinkers I have met enjoyed the fact that there was more than one possibility, more than one answer. They revelled in the variety and often disliked it when they felt they were being forced into a corner.
Intense curiosity - Creative thinkers tend to ask a lot of questions. They have a deep curiosity about the world around them that is accompanied by an almost childlike excitement. This can be cultivated simply taking a proper look at the world around you and realising how fantastic and bizarre it really is. Many people never really take the time to do this.
Positive attitude - it is extremely hard to think creatively when you are feeling negative. Possibly this is linked to the intense curiosity (its also hard to be curious about things when you feel negative). People who are creative generally have a positive outlook and mindset on life. The common image of a creative who is emotionally unstable and subject to manic depression is stereotypical - they do exist but they tend to have bouts of hyper creativity followed by a depression during which there is very little creativity at all. The type of person I'm about in this article is a lot more emotionally balanced than this.
Strong motivation and determination - True creative thinking is exciting and energising but its not always easy. For it to succeed you need a high level of motivation and determination. The creative thinkers I have met tend to be high energy individuals whose speech patterns and movements tend to be pretty fast. A conversation with them can be amusing as they pepper you with questions and then change the subject completely.
Fearlessness - People who are highly creative tend to worry little about whether or not they are right or wrong. They are generally excited by the ideas or concepts they have come up with and are exploring. In my view this is fantastic but it does need to be balanced by the need to achieve a measurable outcome especially in business.
I honestly believe it is worth knowing these characteristics. If for example you own a business you will now be able to spot the creative thinkers in your workforce and deploy them where they can add the most value. If you simply want to be more creative yourself then you now know some of the characteristics you need to nurture and develop. Good Luck!
Joseph Benn is a creative thinking expert who uses creativity to add value to everyday life and business. To find out more and to sign up for a free creative thinking course go to http://www.ideasmapping.com

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  1. about isabelle stengers thoughts in knowledge ecology blog...

    Agustin Antunez Corrales says:
    April 25, 2012 at 5:59 am
    But actualy there’s nothing to presupose, just because are your sensorial inputs who construct basicaly your (direct) experience, and your own living, feeling, thinking, and languaging Being )) The paradox of angels sex is renown just now in our 21th century, when science has found alreday the way of reconstructing herself, just as we see in that splendid blog and so many places today. But we feel still so many times the sensation of that the symplectic thought of phenomenology, after taken in autopoieis, thru neurophenomenology, by maturana and varela, and used so splendously by Margulis and Lovelock… We all have all, could be the “lema”. We all have all science. The barrier between paranormal / extrasensorial / supernatural / superpowers… and what actualy science have found and published in scientific papers, have already surpassed the quality control for the necessary test for being correctly aplied within our lifes today, and in that way, going out of this, not economic, but epistemological crisis, that has been alredy fortunately solved in thousands of scientific papers, from hundreds of disciplines or and subdisciplines, whose authors only reach to see a certain or and small part, or angle, of all the radical influences, for our present and future lifes, of all that 21th century scientific revolution that converges, so elegantly, in t throughout this formula: apocalipsis (optimistic, etymological meaning) = 1/ hiden curriculum, or, plus, invisible learning, or, plus, collective unconscious, common sense , commons’ sense, all these trends converging in shamanism, as a anarcoepistemological revolution, feeding also in “Una epistemología del Sur”

    When we shall change, definitely, from “parallel-lecture-classrooms”, to talking 15M circle, we will re discover the new, o.o, in the old…

    In that way the brains, mainly of teachers, would more and more thinking like a mountain, and left and right brains, connecting themselves, will re connect left and right bodies, a forgotten splendid example, or and model, living model, of what zoologists use to exige with strengh to their students…

    Naturaly, we also are bilateraly simmetric, animals, Naturaly…

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  6. The last page of Logic of Sense asks to imagine someone who would be one third Stoic, one third Zen, one third Carroll, and who would masturbate with one hand while, with the other, writing on the sand the magic words of the pure event. But this is still imagining, and the feeling of guilt is not exorcized.

  7. It has taken me nearly ten years to recollect what exactly took place in [don Juan's] teaching for the left side . . . [in which] they were not teaching me sorcery, but how to master three aspects of an ancient knowledge they possessed: awareness, -stalking-, and -intent-. And they were not sorcerers; they were seers. (1984: 10)

  8. For present purposes, I will concentrate on Wittgenstein in his guise as demystifier of philosophical obsessions with mental processes, and with language understood on that basis. I propose a reading, which I hope will be largely uncontroversial, of the Investigations as dissolving traditional philosophical problems into problems of language use, but with the proviso that �language use� is not taken as �purely� linguistic, but to always refer outwards to specific social situations. Wittgenstein regularly mocks philosophy�s attempts to understand the mechanics of language in isolation from social interaction � such as trying to understand naming by repeating a name over and over (I 38) � as well as the attempt to capture the sense of expressions like �to understand in a flash� by trying to catch hold of that intangible feeling by introspection (e.g. I 131, 197). He even goes so far as to issue the injunction �Do not try to analyse your own inner experience� (II xi) � somewhat ironically, given the amount of time he appears to spend doing it. His private language argument, and the famous discussions of the experience of pain, can be seen as prime mobilisations of a technique which can be described as subtracting a dimension, a strategy proposed by Deleuze-Guattari (TP 21)

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