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One Idea

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Asunto: One Idea
De: antunez_aHuma.es (el del garrotillo en la foto...)
Fecha: Mie, 1 de Abril de 2009, 6:17 pm
Para: "research-blogUAUgoogle.com"

Hello! Google Era creators and re-creators!

Objectively, you are people that use creativity for communication Society.

I have just read a small article about the volume of research that rest
unknown for hummanity...

In this article I found your research url and I am, a priori, convinced
that , after four years to have used intensively "googlepedia" (or
"one-clic-pedia")to building Global Science, it is the moment to return a
very interesting feedback.

I am a senior andalusian generalist biologist working as associate
profesor in the Universidad de Málaga.

To say it in a most open way I considered myself a freaky
transdisciplinary scientist.

Reading that article I discovered that my actual way of research is
concordant with your objectives to value any research that usually don't
appear through formal scientific channels.

My debt, in our way to make global science, to google and to web 2.0 is
great. As it is great too their inflence in the science we have obtained.

After 20 years opening more and more my own biologist view, we have today,
among others, three new concepts of great interest, still unpublished in
formal scientific channels:
Symbiodiversity (sbd), Sensosphere (sss), and Global Science (gs).

"sbd" is equivalent to "biocultural diversity", a recent concept from
United Nations, wich we have developed very much, but mainly in internet,
not in formal channels.

"sss" permits easily to connect common sense (sensing) with all the new
scientific discoveries.

"gc" existed, but in narrow sense, that is, covering the science about
planetary goals in relation to climate change and so on. We use this
concept in wide way to cover all science and knowledge in a very
integrative and easy way.

Thanks for your work. There are 20 years that I work mainly with great
doses of intuition. And I feel that you, Google people and me may arrive
to any point by our common interest in science and communication of
science. I write mainly in spanish, but also a little in english. Please
feel free to browse through the Web and, if you feel that this endeavour
is from your interest, it would be a pleasure for me work (directly) with

I think it is very easy to finish preparing a interactive game to easily
learning the best modern science for childrens 8 to 108 years old.


agustin antunez ("googleholic") (el del sombrerillo roto...)

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