sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

Desarrollo del Lenguaje Verbal en Homo Sapiens

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  1. You know, language is all that information your senses catch and process. If some one talks tou you in a strange language, it doesn't matter, you are also languaging, just only interchanging sounds, with this people, You have known. You have known many characteristics of these people, You have known. Justly because Knowing is the same as living, as Maturana Said. You don't need to know this language (verbal) and it transplation to your (verbal) language, for to talk about "Language". "Language UnLimited" would be a good mark to remember that idiosincracy of language is related to all changes among experiences and ecosystems, in our lives, that shape our memories all together, including thus all kind of languages, those verbal-human, and all the voices, and in general, all multisensorial messages your rich sensorial equipments catch from ecosystem.