lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

We actualy are within a Zomby Crisis.
Po(pu)litics (people), not only are actualy ignoring all politics excepting economy.
Our formal representative politics, each day on T.V. are actualy repeating the same almost discourses. In spanish we say "disco rayado" but here we are also seeing, and living with a TV politics, most as "disco rallado".

In individualistic, parallel (para-"lelos") Multiverse, we each one see and interpret the world across parallel tunnels, without the basical interaction among our diferent visions, our diferent scientific specialities.

We are affected, moreover, by last decades (a dificult term for type-writing, maybe by the spatial closeness among the characters: D, E, C, A, S, used, by your fingers, for writing in internet, term "DECADES", mainly at authomatic, or spontaneous writing freedom) intensive, systematic desinformation + overinformation systems, from states, corporations, education, and mass media.

Firstly, thus , we have a structure of information system characterised by frenetic atomization, among specialities and subspecialities...
It is enough yu read something around Norwest Pass of Michel Serres, and the most spread works about third culture, trying to rejoining natural and social sciences.

Second, we have a "minipimer" destroying (the innate eficiency of) our neurons, we call above "Infoxication".

As popular wisdom and knowledge is INDESTRUCTIBLE, popular wisdom and knowledge have found, after decades of "miseria informativa", the way, across internet, of taking people again, towards the desertified (socialy, and naturaly), northern, town's hearts, 15M, occupy wallstreet,...

On the other hand we have New Age, any doubt the most diverse and powerfull system of heterodoxias, entrying, after centuries, again, within European minds, brains, ¡and bodies!.

As a result, we have today society increasing everyday the cells, tissues, and bodies of those new humans called: "Indigo-and Digital Native".

The new Era, take among within Her, a splenderous 21th century scientific revolution.

The 21 century, takes also, with Her, a global social revolution.

Here, now, we also have, a splenderous 21th century technological revolution, making able, for example, publishing inmediately, within this blog, any thing I discover within ocean internet.

2.0 is too short name for actual revolution in internet, in science, and society.

we invite to Web 0.0

Web 0.0 covers, any information systems directly allowed, from those information systems called human beings.

Within Web 0.0, or sensosphere, or (Merleau-Ponty)"Flesh", you find a very symplectic way to, incorporating your popular, basic, innate, and very experienced knowledge developed continuously by yu within called every day, or common (common'!!!:))) ) Life, you are going more and more aware of your easy and intanstaneous acces, to a miriad of "new bits", actualy a "new" Hard-Disk, by the special virtue yu have, by belonging to a special class of complex, and autopoietic, systems, called: ORGANISM, in this case, Homo sapiens.

sapiens, means both, flavor, and knowledge. So easy as yu could hardly imagine. First, direct, prelinguistic, pre-thought knowledge, coming from sensations, directly experienced by your mimouX (your body), multi co operative system. Some seconds later, maybe, your mimouX, tend (or may) to pass to other section, other stratum, within your multilevel consciousness.

You try your "jamon serrano" tapa, (de pata negra) for first time in your life, and fisrtly, within your degustation (so gustosa), and so innovative for your mimouX, because it is the first encounter within your complex system called: your sensibility, and all the new conbination, not only of flavors, but also of chemycal products, that are for first time, greeting, metabolicaly, to your neurosemantic network (and viceversa), your body networks.

this people in that site, say we are going to prepare to prevent zomby wars, anydoubt yu see as Lybia war is actualy a zomby war, as irak, afganistan, and all the patriarcal wars, until now, always is possible a consensus among human beings.

zomby politicians have entrying in a new phase, fortunately, within that new phase more and more people is going to watch, with less and less attention to them and their zirkus activities, just because we are again owners of us, of society, and of the present, the prsent, each instant, do is...!!! :)))

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