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From Baby Gaia Shower to Chinchirrina: The Linguistic Social-Ecological System

"he believed in the existance of a universal "secret doctrine" of magic throughout history, everywhere throughout the world."

This Words from Eliphas Levi that appears in the first page of his book, would be related (refer) to Shamanism, a meme that appears later in History.

Shamanism, in fact, is (again, with the help of internet revolution) a universal doctrine, everywhere throughout the World, that have been (or is still, mainly unconsciously) prosecuted and forbiden by European Religion, and thus was maintained as Secret. Still now you read Wikipedia article and will be amazed of its abrupt desfase, because of main ortodox Wikipedia hands (and brains) an authentic fossil-article, that still hide, for common people and readers, all the recent scientific shamanic revolution. :)))

Until now that is more and more studied by academia, and basicaly understood.
Shamanism, actualy, appears now as the philosophical stone for solving the classical phylosophical problems so insistently repeated by the modern western scientist priests.

Shamanism solves the problems associated with one of the main western taboos, as Consciousness.

Shamanism return again the observer toward Nature, toward Ecosystem, towards all our living planetary companions.

Shamanism, strongly permeates the lives and thinking of indigenous people that, characteristicaly, appeals our western way of thinking for being closer to Nature.

Generaly western academic thinking and language suffer the historical apartheid between social and natural sciences.

In that way you find so many natural scientists that speak very much from Nature, but forget the humans. And viceversa, social scientists speaking about human characteristics as if humans would live alone, as the only species, in that planet.

The curious but Terrible thing is that both tribus: Natural and Social Scientists are both of the same species, both are animals that trofic ecology classify as Consumers, as both kind of humans, social and natural scientists, both eat living beings, as other animals, and breath the oxigen produced by producers, as bacteria, algae and plants. 

The radical phenomenological approach to the common human lives of social and natural scientists, have the happy consequence of looking at the common features observable in the lives of both tribus.
Both animal tribus live permanently within ecosystems, where there are not explicit distinctions between what would belong to social science or to natural science. In their common life, both kind of specialists are in permanent sensorial contact with a great diversity of sensations. All that sensational diversity comes to scientist intermingled, without any previous classification, we could say. All that sensational diversity we receive, is the fundamental source of information we use in our lives. 

We are walking in the streets and thousands of diferent sensations are boiling around us. Maybe we are not aware of all that infinitude of sensations we are actualy sharing within Ecosystem, but our bodies perceive, maybe unconsciously, more than what you think.

The sucess of symbiodiversity for integrating these two sides of reality (nature and culture, social and natural, human and nature) was because the basic focus of symbiodiversity is precisely in our common lives. Our common lives have the big advantage of nurturing us with a big quantity of information, that generaly are not considered for our proffesional work.

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I had prepared a text this morning walk, for that title, that now will discover to you reader what about Chinchirrina and the first rain on Earth. 




Of these data results a global rainfall of 2710 m in each square meter on Earth. We have divided 1.386. liters of water by 510. square meters of the earth global surface. "Authenticum Diluvium Universalis".

(the dark text above in this post, was "captured" serendipicaly, in the way of the process of copy and paste... :))) )

From Baby Gaia Shower to Chinchirrina: The Linguistic Social-Ecological System

A Pelusa

The Epistemological Canibalism of Anthropocentrism, becomes in Western European Societies a Multiparallel Program, by which each spcialist function as a Guard of their own implicit, ideological censorship.

In political terms, we speak of censorship.

In Psychological terms, we speak of Collective (multiparallel) Unconscious.

In Pedagogical terms, we speak of Hidden Curriculum, or Invisible Learning.

1) Be Sum.Exp the sum of all experiences in the life of the reader.

2) Be Sum.Lang the sum of all language experiences in the life of the reader.

3) Be Sum.Think the sum of all thinking experiences in the life of the reader.

Sum.Exp >>> SumThink >>> Sum.Lang

4) Be Sum.Sens the sum of all perception experiences in the life of the reader.

5) Be Sum.Awar.Sens the sum of all aware perception experiences in the life of the reader.

Sum.Awar.Sens = Memory, your own functional memory. That is, the transformation of (perception) information in a practical tool in the life of the reader.

6) Be Sum.Aca.Ling the sum of Linguistic Academic Knowledge in the life of the reader.

7) Be Sum.Exp.Ling the sum of all practical, direct linguistic experiences in the life of the reader by whcih the reader actualy connect their academic linguistic knowledge, within a direct Language, Languaging, Linguistic experience of the body in action, in activity.

8) Be Sum.Sens.Exp.Aca the sum of all academic knowledge, created in the life of the reader according to Abductive-Associative Theory of Creativity. That is your refutable increases in your academic knowledge, experienced in your (sensorialy integrative) Mind, in the meanwhile, or after, to have lived a singular perception or synchronicity. The arrival of Insights, acording to many first person authors, becomes many times within a process of non-focal inmersion in the cloud of sensations around you, as a very practical way of (spontaneous, or and shamanic) meditation, where thoughts had actualy gone.

9) Be Sum.Ling.Phen the sum of all common accepted principles between readers from (Eco) Linguistics and (Eco) Phenomenology.

10) Be Sum.Ling.Auto the sum of common accepted principles between (Eco) Linguistics and Autopoiesis.

11) Be Sum.Ling.Ono the sum of common accepted principles of (Eco) Linguistics That are reinforced by (feed-back),and that resist the contact with, all radical consequences of Onomatopoias.

12) Be Sum.Ling.Etym the sum of all common acepted principles in (Eco) Linguistics, that are reinforced by Etymologies.

13) Be Sum.Ling.Biol the sum of all common accepted principles of (Eco) Linguistics, that are reinforced by Biology.

14) Be Sum.Ling.Biol.Etym the sum of all common accepted principles of (Eco) Linguistics that are mutually reinforced by Biology, acording to her etymological meaning.

Thus, Sum.Ling.Bio-Etym = Sum.Ling.Auto, just because the poison Autopoiesis introduce within you the reader, is the biological fact that you are (too) a living organism, and thus can obtain your correpondant power (through), knowledge, and an easy-and-efficient way of life, when magicaly join your intelectual, academic, hypothetic-deductive, thinking Self, within your own perceptional, sensorial, sensational, consensual, Abductive Self.

By this sumative system, we can approach selective fields of knowledge and so to know tose common strenghts of the reader speciality, with other scientific field.

We are thus in that way re constructing those common roots of diferent fields of knowledge.

Semiotics, my intuitional definition, is the study of seeds (semen). Words are seeds, that incubate and reproduce as living organisms that they actualy are too. A word is so alive as who say it. "The impossible Magic of Semiotics", in the title of a small book, on a interview to Umberto Eco, denotes, or hide, a magical track that book author don't seem to have known.

Soma is your body.

Sensoma is your (expanded) sensorial body, that is, the 3D cloud where in this space-time the reader are living an constructing a experience.

Sensoma is a 3D waves-polyedron, covering the 3D space-time of the sensations that themselves build the experience all together.

Sensoma is the actual interconnection and interdependence, in this space-time, of your body soma, within a "new" hard-disk called Sensosphere (Sense-Sphere exist from 4th century as a indian budhist integrative, synestetic (mindfullness) sensorial principle).

Sensoma is that waves - 3D - piece of Sensosphere within which you are in implicit connection, and consensus, and throughout which you are actively constructing this actual convivial experience.

As Sensations travel together, on the continuous river of life, when we imagine one concrete Sensation, we actualy what we rememorize, is a whole sensorial experience, plenty of single sensations, that is, all those sensations that happen danzing together, and shaping the 3D space-time we call Sensoma.

Echolocation (you are an expert in that superman technology, with independence of your opinion), increases easily your practical, direct, phenomenological awareness of the implicit and consensual interdependence of Sensations.

Reality thus is but a wave - ocean where waves interact within Ecosystem, producing a consensual result that would be inimaginable if all the waves were independent and not interacting with anything else.

When fog (niebla) swallow (se traga) the city, echose reduces at all, and then we can more easily imagine a world without echoes.

The perroquets sounding this morning in that family of trees in the park, are interacrting within a 3D space-time, and thus, the result, what you actualy integrate sensorialy and hear, is intedependent within all the plants, soils, and buildings in the (echo) acoustic surroundings.

"yo soy yo y mi circunstancia"

Your circumstance (estancia alrededor) is (the) your sensoma, that is, this physical envelop, which acoge you in that moment, including explicitely, all the universe of sensations boiling around you, whatever they be.

Are in History sensations previous to Life?

If a organism acording to William james is a "manojillo de sensaciones", we could see what is called "the origin of life" (in earth), as a secondary transition, that actualy fed, and began as, sensations.

If humans are organisms they have been constructed as a consensual sum of sensations. If biological history of humans is a process accompanied by millions of oher species, what this means is that those characteristics some ones consider unic, only from Human species, wouldn't exist at all without the other innombrable species, and without the landscapes or ecosystems.

Sensoma imply a join unity of ourselves (our bodies) with(in) ecosystems.

Sensoma experiences facilitates the academic comprehension and description of Ecosystemic Linguistics.

Epistemological Cannibalism of still Anthropocentric Solipsist Disciplines, becomes a suicidal ecollalia enterprise, where the noise makes 99% of information channels.

This cannibalism refers to solipsist discourses that reduces all the information system of a more-than-human-world to a very small quantity of (only-human) relevant information. That is, reading the mass media, the intelligence in the observer comes from looking for the hidden curriculum, that is, those content of the experiences that are not included by Mass media News.

15) Be Sum.Eco.Ling the multiplicative sum of all common accepted principles between Ecology and (Eco) Linguistics.

In fact what Ecolinguists try to (re) incorparte to Linguistics, from a ecologicalpoint of view, is actualy what a general Linguistics would include, after actualising it with all that new 21th century science.

Ecosystemic Ecology imply the constancy of the observer, the reader, in a policentric point of view. As many possible points of view as many actual actors (sensations, species), share actualy with you the ecosystem.

More-Than-Human-Ecology means, on the basis that you tacitly identify yourself (or-and- maintain a basic, implicit consensus) with the Sensoma embeding you.

Your life, thus, is a (multiplicative-by-the-art-of-memory) sum of experiences, and thus, a sum of consensus-with-in-ecosystems, and thus, a sum of implicit sensorial consensual process of identification (of yourself) with ecosystems, and thus, you are, your life is, a sum of ecosystems.

And thus, as these ecosystems are themselves multiorganismic and multicultural, your life, reader, is thus the sum of multiorganismic and multicultural experiences.

And thus, you reader are, too, a multiorganism and multiecosystem (Self), navigating on the common river of life.

As these living bridges in Meghaland.

The semi wild urban surroundings are a unlimited frontier, where a ingent quantity of life and diversity collapses, offering a suculent alternative to Wild Writers, thus converted to Feral Frontier Writers, enriching themselves at the same (space-) time, within multiple intermingled (and-not-parallel-at-all) worlds.

As we advance throught out this tortuous text, you will be, and feel, more aware of the process of identity / identification with Ecosystem.

Linguistics, thus, becomes (a byproduct of) Ecosystem. Linguistics, thus, would study and enjoy all the languages of Ecosystem, all the languages of all the more-than-human elements, that share the Ecosystem with Us.

All the Ecosystem is a unique and multiple voice, all Ecosystem is information. All the Ecosystems are a sum of space-time. All Ecosystem is knowledge, and is the ecosystem who nurture and construct "your" Self.

Linguistics, thus, is too the Ecosystem. There's no portion of ecosystem whose voice don't belong to (Human) Linguistics. On the other way, (Human) linguistics would cover all the pieces of information, all the memes,which can be perceived, or and imagined, by a Human.

The Human Ecosystem System

Human Ecosystemology, only with all direct experiences accumulated in the History of Human species, would be enough to write "The Book of Life", the sum of all sensations channelised by our human ancestors and nowdays companions.

From Ecosystemic point of view, Memory is actualy nested in the Ecosystem, as part of the ecosystem, and thus as ecosystem.

In that way memory abandon the virtual world of thoughts and thinking, and reason, and is actualy re actualised, each time you sense, that is, each time you connect and identify within ecosystem space-time.

"A rose is a rose", but she can dance in multiple styles acording to the direction, speed and intensity of the wind touching her. When roses dance at wind, they say us that, as a object, a rose, as a photograph, they actualy are a field of waves, a quantum field of waves.

The materialistic physical origin of psychology is patent in it Etymology, by which Psychology would be something like "Aerology", the scientific field that study all related to Air, to Wind, to Respiration, to that "invisible" element whose materiality and relevance was subscribed by all the religious (scientific) systems, that decide the term Spirituality, as the most elevated of reason.

"If you feel winds, you feel alive"

The Spiritual Technology par excelence is thus our olfaction system, that make our identity with invisible air. Invisible don't mean Imperceptible. In spite of being patently neglected in Educated Society, scientists now defend that our olfaction systems are "the first" for our own survival.

The power of certain smelling experiences for connecting our memories with the memories of the past, what actualy indicates is the power of our olfaction systems, that smell the world in the meanwhile we are constructing ourselves, and the world Itself.

All senses are as touch. Olfaction is chemical tocuh. Seeing is visual touch. Touching is pressing touch. Hearing is a air - waves touch.

When the Earth was borning "from the Sun", it was when Baby Gaia Shower Happened. The atmospheric condensation produced the process of filling with water all the concavities of Baby Gaia shaping the oceans. water that in cyclic processes, return to land from time to time.

Organisms are thus sensible water-drops. Hairs can survive within air, but cillia live in water.

In which sense sensibility or tactism is mediated by water?

Chinchirrina is the onomatopoietic Andalusian term for Sardinian warbler.  Sylvia melanocephala is her latin name. Spanish: Curruca cabecinegra

Cat: Tallarol capnegre
Eusk: Txinbo burubeltz
Gal: Papuxa cabecinegra
Ing: Sardinian Warbler
Fr: Fauvette mélanocéphale
It: Occhiocotto
Por: Toutinegra-de-cabeça-preta
Al: Samtkopfgrasmücke

It seems as if the only onomatopoietic term would be the Andalusian. The call is: "chi-chi-rri chi-chi-rri chi-chi-rri", from where the name: Chinchirrina.

Chinchirrina is the most common bird in Iberian Ecosystems. Sylvia genre of birds, is very rich in Mediterranean, with several endemic species, that are a good indicator of the idiosyncracia of Mediterranean Shrubland Ecosystems, where birds communicated mainly by sounds, whose acoustic characteristics are in accordance with the Shrubland structure of this special landscape.

Mediterranean Shrubland Ecosystem have a diversity in climate and altitude, but in general they show a characteristic semi-open space in irregular topography,covered by a network of small goat-tracks, that you can alternatively choose in serendipical walkings facilitated by these characetristics. Their mosaic-structure of landscape and their high biodiversity make the walking a entertainment, where sensational diversity explodes also across the aromas of so many aromatic plants...:)))

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