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Open Educational Practices. Formidable David Wiley

Why vernacular communication systems are forbiden in Universities?

¿Por qué en la Universidad del siglo 21 están prohibidas las formas vernaculas de comunicación entre iguales?

(Esta frase se me ocurrio al escuchar a David hablar en este video de las restricciones de la imprenta en el siglo XV, cuando ESTABA TERMINANTEMENTE PROHIIDO imprimir la biblia en la lengua materna)

As this video indicates, we are living now a restriction system to new open technologies parallel to that we lived when Print was coming in 15th century.

But the same we could ask about seating and sharing within a circle of faces seeing ourselves in the Classroom, as today almost Universities continue with scholastic bipolar classroom structure where lectures substitutes, in a draconian and anachronic way, to the Mass in the Church... :)))

How many professors considers themselves "Atheist" but continue, along their intensive lectures, the christian tradition of Mass, as today old industrial education systems are going, we visceraly hope, to change toward what new powerful generations demand!

More on David Wiley:

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Why the technologies of the body are almost absolutely absent within Classrooms?

Ken Robinson remember us, in a TEd video, how dance and arts, in industrial education systems, are considered in the most low levels of attention.

The great audience of the next video (gracias Cristobal Cobo, por elegirlo tu mejor música). is a good indication of the above argumentation...

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