martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Science whith-IN People

Complementing Science for People and Science with People, these surprising times takes US Science with-IN People.

The number of descriptors now available with-IN these Integrating-and-Implementing-Sciences-(Technologies), we could already label as "Science with-IN People, across Internet Browsers is almost infinite.

Enough, for the moment, here, in a short post, we are going to invite ourselves with-IN a
crossing, with-IN our creativity and commons' sense, diferent old barriers of old academic specialities.

Gaia is not such thing as a hipothesis, or theory. Ask please any of the victims in 2005 tsunami if the earth exist at all, in front of your eyes.

Gaia is so present in our 24/7/12/ all life.

That it is enough to observe with some attention this so flagrant contradiction, in so many said scientists Epistemological Roots, that what we had in front of US was a terrible abstracted, and abducted casta of intellectuals, that had peregrinated so very much from commons' sense.


This was the same reason that move so energically to Husserl, for creating Phenomenology.

When Husserl look at Nazi Mass Murdering, say, and wrote, about The Crisis in European Science.

Phenomenology discover (again), the power of attention, with-IN our sensorial capacities, of the physical world that, not only surrounding US, but, revolutionaly, shape US, as Organisms, as Human Beings, as (A)utopoietic Systems, that are always (re-) creating, re constructing, their world, across our sensorial memories, that only need open your eyes with-IN attention, for eating said one trillion bits each second.

The very good thing of the new perspectives that you have with-IN your hands, across the meme Sensosfera, and you(r) as the motor (sensing) of the multi co operative operation... is that you don't need tu use, almost, your own brain, or body memories; just because what you are actualy using as basic, and almost infinite memories, available 24/7/364, is all-the-ecosystem memories!!!

For biologists, it is good to say now that Autopoiesis is row Phenomenology, and so, is available to your connatural mimouX (sensing) powers.

Ecolinguistics, ecosemiotics, ecophenomenogy are so identical ways to approach all that. Just because now we are inviting you to feel, perceive, observe, and consider, your self, as a policentric observer, that may combine diferent perspectives, exactly as when you use those very diferent perspectives, when you have your sensing or mimouX motor, in "everyday" or "common-life" position.

We are all biologists, just because we are all animals, that, as other animals, look at surviving, and enjoy, that anyway so biutiful world.

We are all Quantum Physics, just because we are using our quantum sensing motor for our life.

We are all quantum Biologists, just because quantum physics, and quantum biology rules, radicaly, and very freely, our bodies and our worlds.

When you develop, in your speciality, anyelse, a policentric point of view, you would find logical that ecosystem, as a basic multiperspective system, is thus the best view point from where, easily, a policentric perspective can be developed in me, in yu, in students, in anyelse profalumni...

El Principio Santiago, de la Autopoiesis says: "Vivir es Conocer; Conocer es Vivir",connecting in that way with-IN a policentric vision for ECOGRID; and classrooms, buildings, gardens, streets and mountains, all that shape our ECOGRID, and students, thus must visite and enjoy all those places for learning, and not only the compulsory, and or so compulsive (in the `past! insha allah!) enclosings with-IN classrooms...:)))

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