jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Science Is The Only News | Conversation | Edge

Science Is The Only News | Conversation | Edge

Videos with:

1. Daniel Everett, Brian Cox, E.O. Wilson,

4. Lawrence M. Krauss, Steven Pinker, Jonah Lehrer,

7. Gazzaniga, Robert Trivers, Dimitar Sasselov,

How many times have you seen so many videos, with so many scientists, in only one POST??? :)))

Edge is fortunately summing to youtube revolution. Maybe Wikipedia may learn and apply videos from the beginning of their articles. And thus maybe, teachers, soon equaly contagiated, maybe are going to take almost videos in classrooms, where human beings are sharing their knowledge, from one point of the Earth to their Antípoda, also in real time, and the dream of Utopianism in global dimension could reach all schools, and universities, "en menos que canta un gallo" :)))

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  1. Commenting in this interesting Blog: http://knowledge-ecology.com/2012/03/14/nature-is-over/#comment-2108
    Stupidity in Tonnes is actualy the conclusion to this global diagnostic. About possible solutions, once we consider the Earth as a coherent unity, we could be able to try a Multicultural perspective, solving the fundamentalist eurocentrism, that maked US blind, toward all possible solutions, within that big-and-epistemological crisis, that may come from the South. A glokal perspective, able to associate "An epistemology from the Soth" (Una Epistemología del Sur") by Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Yale University), that is all our historical knowledges, that were then shared with Southern Countries. It is only very recently, one century, when the North decided their own ways of Urban life, discarding many ways of living, that you can observe, for example in Tanger, in 21th century, only 14 km apart from the "Crazy Eurocentrsim" of Algeciras and Andalucia; this region maybe with higher tax in unemploiement in Europe. "Tangerizing Málaga", for example, means recuperating our Native and historical rights, euqlizing US with the Native Rights today Amazigh Women from Tanger use each day for selling the vegetables produced in their familiar orchards, without almost bureaucracy! :))). The Earth actualy have infinite ressources, for those species and populations that KNOWS sagely, how administrate them!