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Sensing: a new (& old) multi- co- -operative system

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\"Sensing: A New (and Old) Multi- Co- Operative System\"

dedicated to sensi, ascen, and all silvia, and derivates...

by Agustín Antúnez Corrales, antunez_aATuma.es
member of ISMA (Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestión), and Rizoma Fundación; Zoology Associate Profesor in UMA, Universidad de Málaga

(((: this short post, was thought and written two hours ago, in the gardens of Carretera de Cádiz, for being published in \"Wired\", but for me, after 20 yrs without touching, such premodern inquisition as \"scientific journals\", anachronicaly still mandate; and, fortunately I have just found your \"Heaven\", that is my Heaven too, after some intensive yrs in blogs, I decided communicate, through your Whole Earth Catalog, It! :)))

\"mimouX: A new (and old) multi- co- -operative system\"

(original title; just some minutes before to entry internet, now, for sending that (to Wired), I, unconsciously, receive in my mind that interesting change, as the best direct descriptor for \"mimouX\" is actualy: \"Sensing\")

1. The recent proposal of H a i Z h u g e a n d X i a o q i n g S h i of a integrative concept, including Human, Machine, and Ecosystem, as ECOGRID, merges now as the long-waited oportunity, for the unification, within the same domain, space, or concept, of previous concepts or and approaches, from very diferent academic fields.

2. Trying to explain that in a minimalistic way, for a Wired post, we chose four new technological tools, six new scientific theories, and the epistemological turn-around proposed, so elegantly, by Boaventura de Sousa Santos, from his \"Una Epistemología del Sur\".

3. All that transdisciplinary 20 yrs adventure converges toward (forgotten, // invisible learning// hiden curriculum, collective unconscious) Commons\' Sense, as the easiest, quickest, and economic tool for Integrating and Implementing all that (almost unknown) 21th century scientific revolution. :)))rapidisimo((facilisimo)))divertidisimouX""

4. And, as a hyper common sense, under \"common\" common-sense, merges (as a sublayer) SHAMANISM! As a legitime Anarcho Epistemological Revolution, and from which all historical knowledge systems are actualy rooted, and derivated.

5. The four technologies we propose are:

Rediscovering Maths: Infimonikal System

Rediscovering Science: Copylife \"Community-Learning-Life\"

Rediscovering Life: mimouX multi co operative system

Rediscovering Living: mkptmk server

6. The six theories, as a minimal tutorial, we invite to, are:


Multiples intelligences

Mirror Neurons




7. \"Una Epistemología del Sur\" by Santos, is available 2.0 document, easy to translate to hundreds of languages.

Its triple vision is:

\"Aprender que existe el Sur\"

\"Aprender a ir hacia el Sur\"

\"Aprender desde y con el Sur\" /16.../

8. \"reiniciar Chamán\" (reset Shaman) \"Un Proyecto Indígena de Ayuda al Desarrollo del Norte\", is a mix of descriptors ilustrating such ideas in a intuitive way.


toward all people of all species, and now specialy towards that sacred and joyfull heaven called Whole Earth Catalog...:)))

simbiodiversidad.blogspot.com is like a cataBlog, ( a catalog-Blog) where our posts are as seeds among other many seeds, that support Our visions and realities...

Here and there, playing within Google, in a constructivistic way, including all-the-body learnings, as Shamanism is a All-The-Body Science\", we see the crisis as a huge paradox, that now is comprehensible, and thus possible to attack...
Fisiología Humana y Ed. Fís. D

I.S.M.A. = "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestión" and within the courtessy of abuela Gaya and Daughters,ss,sss...

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