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26 holon = fractal = qualia =meme


We could add "Sensation" to that equation:

holon = fractal = qualia =meme=sensation

(A.A.C & I.S.M.A.)


Posdata, 06-07-12.-

Walking sweetly across Cra de Cadiz, this fresh morning, I was "insighted" by the idea that, after new scientific facts, as Mirror Neurons and Human Echolocation,


This thought is easier with Mirror Neurons, than with Echolocation.

Mirror Neurons are true synapsis.

Mirror Neurons are true synapsis that connect our body with the experience of other bodies.

Mirror Neurons are good models to understand, thus, the transhuman connectivity associated with "Embodied and Embedded Phenomenology", as a physiological intersubjectivity, a human group presence, that covers all the humans around perceiving those common sensations and experience.

All that humans are connected, as if they were only one (human) being, one organism. Physiologically, in the synchronic moment where this singular experience happen, they are all one.

But, ¿where there was the ecosystem? In this previous statements, only humans appears. But, in actual terms, this description of reality is totally false. We humans develop continuously our living within ecosystems. Actually ecosystems "think for you". What you call "Your own decisions" they are actually decisions you always decide after considering what Ortega y Gasset call: "Your Circumstances". (See in this link how circumstance, etymologically, is joined to "Surroundings"...). You are always thinking in a space-time system. Your thoughts are always mediated by your own experiences, that develop within ecosystems.

In this way we discover how Echolocation adds new dimensions to embodied and embedded phenomenology, that, also include the ecosystem, as a whole, a infinite world of sensations, within where you are continuously picking them.

Firstly is convenient to say that Echolocation is clearly a characteristic from (all) the ecosystem, and not (only) from (human) observer. Echoes precedded to life on Earth. The wind and The Sea produced echoes, that were changing with the March of Earth Biography.

Anyway, if echolocation is actually the sea of waves in our surroundings, interacting within all the ecosystem, that means that the complexity of the process is derived that any mince part of ecosystem will influence the total result of the sounds, and echoes, one human observer could perceive.

In that way, as these two processes: Mirror neurons and Echolocation, happen in a physiological level, and they are perceptible for our own senses, they are phenomenological facts, also visible for scientists.

Anyway the reluctance of scientists voices to accept the reality of (also human) echolocation, only say us the paradox, and dangerous situation of Humankind, whose "sacerdotal class", the scientists, actualy deny what their biology gave them, as mere living beings.

What that also means is the highest degree of domestication, and isolation from common sense, of the scientists, too educated within abstract mind frame, having lost the contact with (their own biological) reality.

Any analisis of the Academia today show us how many activities are within classrooms where inmovilization seems the main objective molding bodies and minds of students.

These fresh morning thoughts were coming within our mental games around ecosystem linguistics, a new memeplex, in spanish: "mi Adorado Memeplex", I knew across ecolinguistic mailing list.



(A.A.C & I.S.M.A.)

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