viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

The University of Málaga Social-Ecological System

(by Agustin Antunez Corrales & ISMA: "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion")

1. As many other new integrative concepts, social-ecological system allows us to integrate within the subject of this research, The University of Málaga, from a very high diversity of view points, hybridizing in that way, past formal focuses, "from each of both sides", that si, from natural sciences, and from social sciences.

2. Humans flow each day to University of Málaga, as temporal inhabitants, in a circadian and nomadic way.

3. As any animal population, Human biomass of University of Málaga, causes a certain flow of energy and materials, within ecosystem.

4. PP Spanish Government is prompting to an urgent revision (and reduction) of the money used by Universities.

5. An analysis as this, based on social-ecological systems, allows us to uncover different issues where this economic reduction can be fortunately achieved.

6. In that way, if universities decide a stronger implication as social (-ecological) actors in advancing ideas and practices, enhancing many of the alternative solutions that actualy are emerging across our Planet.

7. And reversing the recent trends, in many universities, where mercantilism were being worshipped.

8. Among our proposals, as "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad, Medioambiente y Autogestión" association, we invite to you all to consider, and play, within the actual possibility of creating and recreating, a new Eurorregion called "Afroropa", where Alboran Sea acts as this heart reconnecting social-ecological systems from both Alboran Sea Coasts.

9. From Andalucía, we look at multicultural Finnland, "top-one" in educational systems, and also to multicultural Morocco, "top-one" in the conviviality of indigenous and modern social-ecological systems.

10. "I arrived to Málaga thinking that I was a multiplicity of men. I leave Málaga feeling that I am a multiplicity of cultures" (Ko Un, Feb. 2007)

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