miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

The Piraha as Lineal Time Brokers

So called modern (European) societies are not so complex as commonly scientists accept. The Great Barrier in the Biogeography of Noosphere (Information Society) seems to be strongly determined by lineal ways of thinking, language and actions, that still dominates a really small part of European societies and institutions, and thus, preventing the way to "The Great Bifurcation" of Erwin Laszlo.

This human minority, who still dominates conventional media, is more-or-less attached in their Biological (body) memories, to an approach to time, where linearity hide the inherent and implicit cyclic character of time (and timing).




We are now trapped, in a patriarcal-driven dychotomy, developed thru some thousands years, in thinking, language and actions, that enact what is called "desdoblamiento del tiempo" or time splitting.

We are being pulled by Global Crisis to reinforce again our attention, in the cyclic time, and in that way giving less and less attention to lineal time.

More attention to actual present than to our past and future. More attention to our present memories, by what has been called "The Inmediacy of Experience Principle" ("...means that if you haven't experienced something directly, your stories about it are largely irrelevant". page 270 from: Daniel Everett, "Don't Sleep, There are Snakes"), a principle conceptualised by a linguist, after being wholy revolutionised in his own previous World Vision, by 20 years living with Jiaitiiji - Piraha Amazonian People, who show now to European (lineal, memoristic) thinking, how to prevent yourself, and your community, from the mental European Labyrinth, dominated by numbers, capitalistic economy, and judeo-christian historical beliefs.

Piraha have a "innate" or and transgenerational vaccine again beliefs based on lineal, historical times.

If institutions and states have being feeding individuals thru a Brain-Washing based in (their) History, plenty of "relevant" individuals becoming "personalities", that were strongly memorised, now, please, we have the opportunity of learning from Piraha - Jiaitiiji...

(Agustin Antunez Corrales & I.S.M.A.: "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion)

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