viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

2.0 universities, a vision

como de ccoperativas son las aulas universitarias


- A place bustling with life -students from all over the world collaborate with students all over the world (using ICT) to analyze and overcome major global challenges (interdisciplinary), a university that is actually no longer a place, but without wall, open to all, engaged in inter- and intra-institutional collaboration with PPS

- Reflective, intercultural, collaborative learning, own learning pathways

- education + research integrated

- Student-centered teaching, lecturer as the facilitator

- universal access to higher education

- access to indigenous resources

- integration of ICT into univ. management

- integration of e-learning + blended learning

- Excellent, passionate, dedicated, skilled educators

- collaborative research between academic institutions + industry

- problem-based learning

- Research + teaching synergy

- Critical creative graduates

- Change

- Flexible

- Student-centered

- LLL-shopping mall

- Joint programmes

- Networked universities

- Collaboration + competition

- Technology-enabler

- 3-dimensional, global university

- Summer schools

- Blended learning

- Faculty training (e-teaching)

- Learning communities

- Formal + informal learning

How to you see the future generations of universities?

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