Minneapolis, Minn. – A new publishing house in Minneapolis, Subsect Press, will be releasing a book to describe how a non-hierarchical, regenerative and anti-capitalist society can meet human needs.

Subsect Press was created by a group of individuals for the purposes of publishing their book on Post-Civilization theory. The theory is formed around the “realization that civilization is and will always be unsustainable, that a primitive state of existence is not desirable, and that it is therefore logical to explore and establish a post-civilized culture.”

The publishing group consists of local radicals and activists. The group hopes their book will “provide a knowledge base and enable the transition from our unsustainable civilization to a post-civilized, egalitarian society.”

Post-Civ, as the book is currently titled, will investigate non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian thought and detail practical skills for existence in a post-civilized and anarchist society. These details will include topics such as sustainable building design, regenerative food systems and natural medicine.

The group is raising funds through mid-September on Kickstarter, an online crowd-funding platform, to focus an audience. Sales of the book in digital and print mediums, both available at http://postciv.tk, will continue until publication in the Spring of 2012. Funds received from the sales of the book will be used to cover printing costs, distribution costs, and to support actions that explore ideas the book details, such as implementing a space consistent with Post-Civilized theory.