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bipolar orthogonal classroom

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  1. How to Work With Bipolar Kids in the Classroom eHow.com

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    Having a bipolar child in the classroom can be a real challenge for teachers. However, good teaching skills, clear communication with the student's parents, ...
    www.ehow.com › ... › K-12K-12 For Educators - En caché - Similares

  2. Personality Type As A Predictor Of Teaching Efficacy And Classroom ...

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    de RK Henson - 2003 - Citado por 8 - Artículos relacionados
    The proficient use of classroom management strategies and issues are generally high on ... each of which is a function of bipolar personality characteristics. ... The revised TES purports to measure two orthogonal dimensions: general ...
    www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&se=gglsc&d=5002093615 - Similares

  3. [PDF]

    Classroom TIps: Mood Disorders

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    Students with Bipolar are likely to be on medication, and are often on two or ... Turning the lights off in the classroom to view a screen makes it too easy ...
    www.schoolbehavior.com/Files/tips_mood.pdf - Similares

  4. Orthogonal Coordinate System -- from Wolfram MathWorld

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    13 Aug 2010 ... MathWorld Classroom · About MathWorld · Contribute to MathWorld ... An orthogonal coordinate system is a system of curvilinear coordinates in ... systems of degree two or less include bipolar cylindrical coordinates, ...
    mathworld.wolfram.com/OrthogonalCoordinateSystem.html - En caché - Similares

  5. What is an orthogonal base class?

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    What is an orthogonal base class? - C++ Interview Questions and Answers. ... You're given a simple code for the class BankCustomer. ...
    dev.fyicenter.com/.../What_is_an_orthogonal_base_class_.html - En caché - Similares

  6. Orthogonal drawings of graphs for the automation of VLSI circuit ...

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    de Y Liu - 1999 - Artículos relacionados
    Abstract This article shows the recent developments on orthogonal draw- ..... although several, thousands of problems have been shown to be in the class A/', no ... be bipolar. If a bipolar orientation has its source and sink adjacent, ...

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    Interfaculty differences in classroom teaching behaviors and their ...

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    de S Erdle - Citado por 32 - Artículos relacionados
    60°70 of the total variance in classroom behavior ratings. To facilitate inter- pretation of the results, the factor structure was rotated to an orthogonal ...
    www-psych.stanford.edu/.../1-Classroom%20dynamics-what%20do%20effective%20teachers%20actually%20do.pdf - Similares

  8. edp262999 699..709

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    de A Duff - 2004 - Citado por 10 - Artículos relacionados
    participants in a classroom environment at the start of the second semester of the .... around the intersection of the two orthogonal bipolar dimensions, ...

  9. PDF - Measuring personality traits in the classroom

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    de WCM Resing - 1999 - Citado por 17 - Artículos relacionados
    used a large number of bipolar adjectives for rating the personality ... Many important traits fall between the orthogonal axes (e.g. De Raad, ...

  10. [PDF]

    Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum-Orthogonal Frequency Division ...

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    de PIM Urriza - 2009 - Artículos relacionados
    outside the classroom regarding the field of wireless communications, ..... bits in bipolar form. These can then be translated into bits by proper ...

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