lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Hyper creativity

Nurturing Hyper Creativity or Curing It?

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When we find people in our society who are hyper creative should we in fact cure this problem because it is different than other folks in our communities or should we nurture it and allow the individual increase this gift or ability? Certainly there have been many a creative genius come along in the human race and there is plenty of example of this in human history. Obviously these hyper creative people should be of value to the whole?

What is the cure for Hyper-Creativity? Well, I think it maybe writing, drawing and putting it all down, so it does not over cloud their thoughts and thus allows them to move on continually to new things and wow, imagine what they might gift to the world if they just keep going? I think the cure for (hyper-creativity) for me was finding a place to put it all down on paper or in this case the Internet, so here are a few of my ideas;

Thanks to an online article site website Team, Leonardo da Vinci leading by example and my own web designer, I think I have found not the cure for hyper-creativity, but rather the way to increase it and control it. But often hyper-creative people are also maintaining a Hypomanic displacement, as some psychologists refer to it and well this is what they call these things;

I jotted this down one day trying to reason with this. I think anyone can do it, become hyper-creative if they wish too and I know you get better with it over time. My goal is to have two, original thoughts that no one has ever thought of before and I do that every day. Some are invention ideas, some philosophy and others are simply new methods of doing things.

If you want to increase your hyper-creativity then just ditch any sense of limits, believe in self and never turn off your mind? I am not sure there is a cure or that anyone having such a talent or gift would want to lose the ability. But it is indeed a very interesting point. Well just thinking out loud on this subject of hyper creativity of course? And also creating a little article and original thought on the subject for article number 7111. Consider this in 2006.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

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