jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Artextpedia: A reCreative Course on Artexts

Artexts or The Art of Science Wriding flowingly evaporates the previous fourth thosusand years of a dychotomical civilization where the extreme discipline about (formal) texts and languages contrasted with the absolute freedom about not formal texts and languages and formal drawing.

Drawing and "Texting" (the main patriarcal information transmission device in History), flowing now again together, showing all the power of such an atractor. Versus the old separation that acted as a tensor.

That course begin with this morning sample of artexts, wrided in the meanwhile I was breakfasting "un sombra doble calentito" and "una viena con manchego y aceite".

There's no limits within artexts. For explaining science are idoneal, just the moving of our fingers surfing on sheet is constructing a marvellous briding between your ideas, your words, and the capricious image which is spontaneously flowing.

Compare please the clasical refereed paper orthogonal presentation wth artexts. Both, of course, are good and complementary. As ever, the question is the doses...

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