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Magical Nowadays Science maGsci

Asociación ISMA. Published in New York Indymedia

We select several recent theories and discoveries fueling the mocoputomoco server as a fen-atractor

The Fen Atractor is those part of scientific theories, models, or discoveries, that empowers us across phenomenology. Phenomenology maybe the best modern western discipline to reflect the basic methodology of all that old cultural practise we call Shamanism. What in phenomenology is "epoché", in shamanism is "acechar". In psychology, mindfulness. In Analytic psychology, syncronicity. In quantum physics, Wave function collapsing. In Budism, meditation. In science methodology, it is abduction.

Mocoputomoco is a recent term to try suming up a practical process of learning in Global Science. Mocoputomoco is the name of a "new" server. That server are you, with all your organismic capabilities actualy connecting everyday within your everyday ecosystem. From recent neurosciences a dense "raining" of new theories and discoveries making, or promising, a brutal changes still in the way we observe what a human is, or what a human life is, or what life is herself. Take mirror neurons. When you are in a agreable consensus with your friends, in a conversation, for example, in that moment, you are not several brains, or organisms sharing a consensus, you actualy are, function, as a unique brain, as a unique organism, or multiorganism, or superorganism. You know how human masses are sometimes taken in a strange (aparently) direction by someones lider of the mass. Mirror neurons also explain the power of cooperation: how working among several people is easier that individualy. Mirror neurons function as thelepathy. You don't need any neural connection among diferent bodies. It is enough the sensorial connection that transmit the same information for all the people in consensus. Senses appear, in this way, as a "new" tool of social, ecosystem communication. The synchronicity that means the sharing of a certain experience among several people, within a certain ecosystem, or ecobrain, in a certain space time, means also the sharing of a same sample of sensations coming both, from the human particpators, and from the "other", the multiple parts of ecosystem that are not your own bodies. Echolocation and mirror neurons means thus that ecosystem will not be seen, or considered, in the future, as a "recipient" where organisms move and life. Just because the process of maping the sensations you are sharing within a ecosystem with your friends, take you to clearly see that sensations are composed of a "part", coming from you, from your bodies, and other part, coming from the ecosystem, for example the walls, the trees, the ground, etc... Anyway sensations are interpretable as strings, in space time, as they begin in a time, or space-time, and finish, in another space-time.

Take abduction, a "new" scientific method. Rescued by Pierce in 19 century and recently incorporated to virtual intelligence, so on. We think abduction will be the pre last western taboo. In that link we distinguish between bipolar, and multipolar abduction. Multipolar abduction, the basis of creativity, is the "new" scientific method. Bipolar abduction is with the most popular known "extraterrestrial abduction". Bipolar abduction is perfectly visible in the "slave classroom" in 21th century universities and schools. A multipolar abduction application to that is our challenge to urgently changing the bipolar, slave classroom making free the seats where students (it is said) try to learn, in order to widening the possibilities of interaction, and communication, among students themselves, and with teachers.

Take Quantum Physics accordin to Chown book: The Quantum Zoo. In ten lines this author show clearly to aware readers that all that is magical. Well, Why Chown do not use the term "magical" in the book? Maybe because he is a specialist, not working or and reflecting, for example, about shamanism, Synchronicity, or phenomenology...

Mocoputomoco server has grown from a mixed practise. On one hand we have our practise within sensosfera, our sensorial practise, along long walking around our everyday ecosystems.

On the other hand mocoputomoco has fed on other game: an ever increasing process of integration among disciplines, theories and discoveries.

Take in account that thinking, as a process, is a "residual" from a function we call sensing, or to feel. Thinking is for eastern philosophies the sixth sense. That means which the main function of your mind is sensing. The 99% of your mind action is, or may be, sensing. More sensing, more ecosystem information you will have for your action in your everyday living process. You know. Urban mind, troughout mass media, for example, seem as you would live within a "un-life" planet Earth, just dedicating almost all information to speak about men, women, and society, almost forgeting the ecosystem dimension of your own life. It seem as if you were living in the space, very far from forests, rivers, plains, mountains, plants, fungus, bacteria, animals and protoctistae...

After retiring all that life from your thinking and your sensing, industrial mass media and industrial mass bipolar, sensorialy deprived education, tried to stimulate in your bodies-and-brains, almost exclusively abstract processes of thinking, un-related-with-sensorial-ecosystem-thinking fires mainly in left brain hemispher, cutting thus the interhemisferic neural connections. All that left-hemisferic-brain centered education has aided, no doubt, in the process of producing a very rich army of new "reductionistic" theories and discoveries. We have thus now all that scientific reductionistic science. And the process of integrating among all that scientific diversity is the other element in the mocoputomoco server.

Our "sixth sense" or thinking processs, along the foundation and construction of mocoputomoco have been to take all that creativity of "acechar" in walking sensosfera processes, for following integrating more and more all that new science that were reaching to us across internet, tv, mass media, or personal conversations...

The language resulting of that phantastic, or magical, "mahonese", is something new, something special, something "in-structured" (for "normalised minds). I call it: "Hyper Common Sense".

Magics would be happiness, that way of life aware of all that transconnectivity within the ecosystem sensorial oneness, also the psichology of flowing, or possitive psychology, also multiple intelligence theory.

In general, our experience across all that formidable new science, smell magical because in the process of a ever scientific integration you find more and more interrelationships among apparently distant disciplines or and theories, more and more identity, more and more equality.

You may interpret your own sensosfera results under diferent disciplines, but all smell similar, across more and more experience...

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