sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

BcFuturr for floodings

13 millions euros are in theory destinated to destroy Baños del Carmen in the so much destroyed Malaya - Costra del sol.

Oulu Bikecity Index stablished the bikability of a city as the extension of the surface of that city that is easily used by bikers.

We take such a surface of the real city of Oulu, in the gracious coin from the finnland west coast, the basis index to calculate an objective easy index where world can circulate, after the "chairman" of a part of that world, Obama, Barack, Hussein, has at least, spoken. (el si de barack).

As the black pope of the prophecies, Obama is a "savage". Coming from a exotic culture as Hawai (the paradise for the first western visiting them), and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAfrica!

EverDancing cultures, everdancing brains, that along thousands years were thinking and acting with their bodies.

Well, we propose in that rfrndum one change, or trueque.

We propose that after calculating, or before, the correspondent oulu index for mour city, we take that 13 millions euros to paint with "cal", in spanish blanquear, todas las aceras de las ciudades mas congestionadas del mundo, cal blanqueada con colores vivos, ya que cuando se hafa costumbre, y generalizado, ya sería una tontería marcando una obviedad que ha convivido en todo el mundo durante décedas, un siglo y más: la convivencia entre bicis y caminantes, pues si antes, también ahora.

estamos seguros que habra bastante cal para encalar marcar, rotular, signaletizar, aceras de todo el planeta,.......

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