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11revolution12. Anticipating Coevolution Within Jasmine-15M-Iceland-OccupyWallst...Autopoietic System

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WITH THIS TITLE: 11revolution12. The Zen Way within Jasmine-15M Revolution

by ISMA Utopoietic Systems

11revolution12. Anticipating Coevolution within Global (many Jasmines) Revolution Autopoietic System

ZEN Way means that you are innately aware to breathing, meanwhile Great Spirit (Gaia Atmosphere) impulse air within you and, alternatively, you impulse air within Great Spirit; the breathing watch of our living SHOWs us the row essence of Autopoiesis, her bidirectionality, the cycling way...the root of creativity and re creativity... (Gracias Elena)

Jasmine 15M Revolution is a Autopoietic System, as all their components are identificable as Autopoietic Systems. Jesús Ibañez treat society as second cybernetic system, where all changes are interchanges, and bidirectional ones. Autopoiesis means auto organization, auto eficiency, auto suficiency, autonomy, autogestión. Our wisdom (quise decir windows) to participating constructing the world we lonly dream are opened de par en par. With Deleuze, we express now our own desires and sharing them with all people, across all ways, en la plaza, and in internet...

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Any word you wouldn't understand in this text, pass away as if she were a pigeon makong a "pirueta" above your head.
After several yrs. using the most automatic, and free language, to imply people-and-myself, in 21th century scientific revolution.
Yes, We are in the top of a tobogam thru re aparadaising ourselves.

We are within the global atractor of a social revolution.

We are within the global atractor of a technological revolution.

And if ony you decide to accept your innate common sense (commons'! sense).

You would find, of very basic logic, that we cannot eat a pigeon, without cooking it.

You would find logic that any technological revolution must have been a product of the corespondant revolution in knowledge system, just because the thecnological revolution uses a very new language to work ourselves with machines, and all the novelties in the hardware and software, giving birth to thecnological revolution are ineludibly derived of a great parallel development in many fields of knowledge, in many, thousands and thousands, new science navegating, as danzing plancton, above a big ocean, in the meanwhile we, catched in pareidolia's planiland, observe without to see them, from the abyss toward the surface of the ocean, as sharks, in the middle of a great prey crisis, would discover that this plancton, in a certain way, would solve all their ressource crisis.

Yes, if our default hypothesis is that THERE EXIST NOW a very very big scientific revolution.

Our next step would be to show how social movements can obtain direct and practical outputs of all this new scientific knowledge, that are almost transparent across internet.

Anticipating coevolution within jasmine et al, autopoietic sytem means to put in front of us a certain date, the day of "reyes magos", a tradition from mediterranean, this uterus in the steps of human kind across their historical life.

After denounce so very much the system we are going to leave back.

Maybe Wouldbe interesting to consider what steps, what desires, we DO have for regenerating the western (ised) world, our cities, our education, our transports, our health systems.

Already we are the owners of the world. The coherence of ideas from Jasmines, with all the sage discourses, about sustentability, not only by experts, but by politician, maybe discoursing and comenting the term "sustainable, both, from the right and from the left.

Now we have a global consensus about that this last way of humankind, was wrong.

And now we have the long waited opportunity to decide, in all the pieces of our social functioning, all the changes we can consensued, for that very long awaited changes.

Stop to following speaking of them and we, ourselves.

If we dream approaching, scientificaly, and amusely, this now revolutionay concept of autopoiesis, the first thing is consider yourselves as a multidimensional observer within a multidimensional world.

If we desire to cross, as Alice, the mental, and physical walls, patriarchy, some centuries, have tried to build within US, we can begin to consider that as this "wrong" ploitician is also a human being, conspecific, if you select, a little portion within your hard disk, for those thougths were this man/woman and you are considered on the same side, read something about "NON LOCAL COHERENCE", coger el toro por los cuernos, try to remember your strongest dychotomy; Autopiesis is like a phantom which, qué le vamos a hacer!, se ríe de las dicotomías, se la salta y punto....

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