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11revolution12. The Jasmine-15M Autopoietic System

We invite to donsider yourself as a multidimensional observer, within a multidimensional world.

Autopoietic systems feed on a cuasi infinitum world we call Life, Planet, Universe, or Multiverse.

Remembering the first, maybe, significant dychotomy after (the attempted) Christian Adoctrination of Societies, would help as an easy window through what you can fly again thru a multidimensional world, after feeling yourself, sometimes, within the dychotomy trap.

This primordial dychotomy imply a certain epistemological election, or choosing, or selection.

This dychotomy imply that you or myself are, am, a finite living being, in the meanwhile, God is, on the other side of the wall, a infinite being.


You are a multidimensional living being through any life you choose, or happen, in your living life, in your experiential life, in your everyday actions activities.

The noticeable increase in collective consciousness characterising the revolutions, that you and me are feeling within our body, across this so much interconnected, and revolutioned, world of 2011, take with her a increase in our animus, in our flowing endorphines, making a default basic sensibility (intelligence, consciousness) that is higher than in recent times. A revolution is a revolution in many world dimensions.

You have the "easylience" to chose anything interesting in internet. We come from years with a desert-information-system, promoted by states trying to maintain themselves, an almost privacity aurea around basic decisions for citizen, but taken on the back of citizens.

Now the fifth power of blogosfera and redosfera (redes sociales), has jumped very high over the already almost lost four power of acritical, acreative, clonical, mass media.

Now fortunately you see how more and more mass media are going to more and more open view about what happens. Mass media knows that future anarkapitalism is made by all pieces, and not only someones.

What our dreams say to the fingers to put here now is that for the reyes magos 2012, we ask for actual measures in our city in order to re generating in a record time, the last injuries caused by political desidia in paradisiacal Costa del Sol.

If we don't express, vividly, your own desires, your brain don't know the way your muscles and hands are going toward the future city we want for children et al.,

Jasmine and 15M revolutions share the same biogeographical region, climates, biodiversity and cultural diversity, history, language, foods, edible plants, animals, bacteria, cultures.

Mediterranean is a group of 12yrs old guys around a multifunctional classroom, where all are working in groups too, and horizontal communication is facilitated by curriculum, and by classroom structure.

Mediterranean is just like a child, Abdelkrim, when is going to Madrid to know the culture of this side of Gibraltar Straight.

During History people within afroropa were valuing very much the interconnection between gibraltar north, and gibraltar south.

During history, people from afrorpa were knowing very much new and innovative knowledge from many parts of the world, because they knew, and know, that themselves, Andalus, for example, are a hybrid people within a hybrid history, where multiculturality, far from be a problem, were, and is a innovation factory, for both of participants in the encounter.

What every human knows, from their genetic and anything else memories, is what google sagesly call: "donant-donant", giving and giving. If cultures are daughters of giving-giving, and they know this is the most gifted gift, not only for humans, but for Nature too, more we northern citizens and cities are going to autonomy-autogestión-autosuficiencia, more easy will be that glokal transition.

We say 11 revolution 12, because we write within the consciousness process of remembering that changes are daughters of time, and if our revolutionary awarenness, is focused, toward our desires, for example, about our cities, looking, imagining, how they can be in next future, our brains, are going to focus more paying more attention (mindfullness), toward our city, looking anything within our city within our everyday living life.

In that way if you imagine how we can celebrate in seis de enero 2012, an advance of the changes we dream for re generating Costa del Paraiso Del Sol, you can entry, within imagination, that is, a role playing, in next paragraph...

(this sentence was in advertisement by "El Mundo" paper, when was going to open a Malaga Edition)

Malaga is the center of the world

malaga (your own city too) is the center of the world.

In our connected world, we are living in Global consciousness, and in glocal, one, accourding to the more or less local character of your own discourse, thought, and experiences.

As Global David Selby Education says, you are within a interconnected global world, only by eating a fruit in France (socialist againg :))), coming from Brazil, for example.

More developed (with very much """""") countries, are more ressource dependent, and for that they are more diversely and intensively connected with mother earth, for the quantity and diversity of the geographical origins of the material, and virtual world, we consume in our everyday life. In certain way, we nrthener, are more global than southern countries.

In another way, southern countries are more global, because the local connections with territry and because their own lives are more connected with all the innate democracy powers given by their popular, rural, or indigenous knowledges.

What northeners saw, during many years, as a valuable ressource in way of extintion, is going precisely human extinction from biosphere, because using all this valuable and easy to reproduce popular, indigenous or campesino powers, that are glokal, we the human kind, can see easier the salida del tunel, and how, in the meanwhile that norte esta desnortado, the sur is the solucion

We try, from here to seis enero 2012, that cities and communities express their desires for themselves. We are going to thinking as cities. Cities and humans, are both autopoietic systems. In that way we can connect transfisciplinary whatever we would want inculde in our work, by only beng aware of the easylience we, as complex autopoietic acechadoras, can connect with sensosfera, and in this way, we are reconnecting, sensualy, and organicaly, and autopoieticaly, within our homes cities.

Thinking like a mountain now also like a city. To describe malaga, for example, as the style of video "home", approaching precisely, and fuzzyly, and or in artest style of drawing, speaking, and making a educational dynamical comics, to video home, make a certain daughter of that video, but for the glokal scale, of malaga city.

Our desire is people from four corners within this small world send support to malaga centro del mundo action, thinking and learning from a city to another one, making ourselves, and thinking, and acting, not as individual humans, but as cities, because this is a more realistic vision , because you are the territory of your everyday living, sensational life. Territory eat you across your senses, And You are eating territory at the same way. These two ways character of any interaction is tha basis of autopoiesis, making seeing now a more dynamical subject that is being constructed across your everyday experience.

As the caracol con la casa a cuestas, you also are, and take, within yu and with yu, (change is ever inter change!:))) the pompa of ecosystem, your senses are enjoying. Sensations are the aura, tridimensinal aurea, around you, Sensosphere, or ecobrain, are your citoplasma, your circunstancia, thru the distance you capt thru your senses. Your body would be the nucleus, the ram memory, the envrinoment the hard disk; any connection within hard disk of sensosphere or carne de merleau ponty, is as a link you make across internet. You feed from a internet link, and you feed from a sensorial, communicational, real life link. Within sensosphere, internet and ecobrain feed themselves mutualy.

Sensosphere is equal biophere, evident across our sensorial within sensosphere bridges, links, qualia, sensations, we like to call: KISSEL, to jump from two dimensional pixel, to tri dimensional kissel...Kissel would be a soup plenty of spaguetti flowing in the three dimensions, thses spaguetti are the pixels, the sensations, qualia, composing in their mutual dance the Flesh of merleu ponty

We are dynamic operators within sensosphere. Autopoieticaly we feed on sensosphere and sensosphere feed on us. Giving to and taking from sensosphere is a way of life in this also autopoietic planet. Autonomy, self management, and self suficiency, are learned for ever, within a for ever changing autopoietic system we call biosphere, or sensosphere.

When we imagine jasmine 15 M we can imagine all the circunstance, ecobrain, sensorial characteristics, of the meetings and actions within this more than mediterranean social revolution.

As territories construct autopoieticaly all ourselves, if we pay more and more attention to territorty, as a one, within, and with us, we are going to empower more and more jasmine and 15 m and global revolution.

magrehb people moves more on territory than european ones, because it is higher the population living, in autonomy, self management, and self suficiency.

In that way, europe can easily learn from magrehb "new" tools, very well experimented by indigenous magrehb ways of life, than in Europe were forgotten in more or less recent times.

Afroropa is one of these desires, as a eurorregion containing our mutual desires to reinforce our learning systems across this multicultural barrier. As the national park including a mutual reconnaisence of the similarity and brotherness within our mutual territories. We dream to have in our cities the same minimal cuality of life of the living organism across the natural parks in the surroundings of our cities.

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