miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Radical Realistic Optimism. NeuroPhenomenology of Enthusiasm

Whatever you explores, etymology reconnect you with a hidden historical record, making easier and easier your understanding of your life, yourk work, and your actions. Etymology revolution (possible hashtag: EtyRev) are already beginning in India (see: "etymology revolution" in google or facebook), and is a basic tool for our neural networks to syntonising again within the magics of language. When the interest about etymology explodes within you, you are going to feel and understand tha language you use everyday, in a clearer and phenomenological manner. Why? Why all the etymological knowledge, that is fundamental, and was hidden in nowadays curricula, not only make available for you 1001 ways to reconnecting the words, you use, and their meanings, but, most important, etymology facilitates enormously all the learning about anything, in any discipline. In the learning of languages, etymologies facilitates the (historical) connections among diferent languages, you are learning, not one, but diferent languages at once. Latin, for example, that is technicaly a "dead language", becoming fundamental to understand the question in opposite manner; that is, what is actualy dead, is all the knowledge you receive, share, or teach, without their dynamic and historcal connections given thru etymology. Without etymology, knwoledge beoming static, as a independent "photo" from the movie of life, from the dynamic process of history...


Positive Psychology is any doubt a 21th epistemic revolution, a very good basis for RaReOp (radical realistic optimism)

In a certain way, our own work and so multiple reflections, are nested in Biology + Shamanism, as these interesting "budhist-neurosciences" are based on Biology + Budhism

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