miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Carl Joung: SYNCHRONICITY-An-Acausal-Connecting-Principle


To be comprehensible for scientists used to think in causal terms, take in account that real systems are complex systems, where multicausality is evident. You only can choose a "main cause", but be sure of the impliciy error you admit as a "a priori".

Synchronicity imply that you have more information at the moment of your decision.

Synchronicity point the focus within the phenomenon to be observed. In that way, synchronicity favors that any observation becomes a contemplation, where you take a minimum time of 1) observation, before to 2) interpret what happens, and later, you pass towards the 3) decision (action) phase, where you act as a complex autopoietic system, a complex subject within a complex environment or reality.

Western Mind is used to interpret and to action wihout that minimum time of observation. In western subjects, interpretation and action advance over the observation, preventing in that way, that you observes deeply what happens.

At prioritizing observation (1) over interpretation (2), synchronicity focuses on space-time, increasing your awareness, your observation capabilities, and thus your consciousness, and allowing better decisions (3), or and actions, after more deep observation process, that are not polluted by that typical western high-speed mind thinking, that thinks without allowing mindfulness, that is, preventing actualy to think (mindfulness meaning "whole", holistic, deep thinking)...

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