miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

internal dinamic off black holes?.

I am sorry by my expresion, in my country educattion sistem is painful. I think that I have captured a important information about blacks holes, yes, inferience by abductive. After seeing some nassim´s videos a invisible force was intenting me explain the effects of a black holes expelling of my bed and against the floor; I could feel where the force wanted ,¡trow me by the window, ¡ I was horrified. In a away automatic started a speak about jesucristo, Buda, cosmic´s intelligent and the number NINETY sounded and sounded in my mind. The force started a speak me of phisic . Today I have searched in google ´´90´´ and I HAVE FOND THAT NInety jESUS COMMANDMENT Says: OBSERVE ALL THE THING THAT I HAVE COMMANDED. ¿ internal dinamic off black holes?.

A kiss.

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