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cia and company... :))) After some 20 yrs integrating social and natural sciences, from the point of view, of a Biodiversity Teacher, we found, re discover, commons' sense as the basis of any technical knowledge, and common, vulgar, or (in other time) despreciable language, as the mother of cult language. We don't find anything, but, symplecticaly, we attach in internet and that blogs..., what is so visible and apreciable, in today internet. When academies that gave birth to all those technologies, appears as a submundo OF THE REAL world of today society, where families are actualy connected, but universities, and left intellectuals, appears so much disconnected, and so on pessimists...... :)))

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Sensomics is recent and Radical Technology (Biotechnology), that covers a fundamental, but forgotten, area of human activity: The Senses.
Sensomics is widening her first approach, from "Flavomics" (aromatic components in foods and beverages), toward covering any area related with (any)senses.
In that widening process, Sensomics is becoming A Integration and Implementation Science (and Technology).
The basic unity of Sensomics is Sensation. Sensations are packed in Experiences. And Experiences shape a Life.
In the same way that a ecosystem is a information system, it is also a set of sensations.
When Biosphere or Gaia are seen from a sensation point of view, She becomes "Sensosphere".
Compared with coventional approaches to (bio) diversity, sensational diversity reach higher dimensions, higher values. Literaly infinite are the possible combinations among all the information /sensations available to our sensorial powers. We could refer it as "Hyperdiversity", and probably need of transfinite numbers for analysis...
All that developments would be impossible without internet, that is actualy changing in many radical ways education and institutions...

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