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7¿Biology = Ecology?


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Biology = Ecology?
by Agustin Antunez & ISMA ( antunez_aATuma.es )
Wednesday Jul 11th, 2012 4:44 AM
coRevolution! University teachers cannot still rest out of a triple social, scientific, and technological global revolutions, that coevolve among themselves, and create a wholy new scenery, already here, and waiting Us to add to that banquet! :)))

((Note for Dogmatic of Formats: more diversity anyway in the texts you write, or read, means more neuronal dynamizarion, more creativity, and pleasure))

by .gst.n .nt.n.z C.rr.l.s & ISMA (Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion)

D.d.c.d- - S.lv.d.r .sp.d. H.n.j.s. y .tr.s y.rb.s


¿Biology = Ecology?

¿Organism = Ecosystem?

Three scales: 
1) Organism
2) Superorganism
3) Multiorganism



Escherichia et al., 2012 (open source!)


1) All we perceive is actualy alive, as we use the lenses of life to perceive.

2) Bacteria builded that living world as We see It.

3) Autopoiesis is "Ecology (Ecosystem) in a Nutshell (Organism)". This title of a post, I found one good day, reached clairboyance withon my own way of learning (and living). Also this fortunate meme finding, demonstrate the power of internet for integrating and implementing all that marvelous scientific revolution. All you need is curiosity, and endorphines, that usually are the same as the eficiency of internet browsing for that intention is so high, as so very low is the number of scientists working in the mining of that enormous gift of 21th century, that is promising a radical and deep revolution, both, in structure and function, in next coming universities and diverse institutions...

4) All sistematic disciplines above microbiology, would become "ecology", the king of the university biological departamentsm, as ecologt give us the systemic tools for reintegrating our own systematic, classical knowledges wothon a wider and inclusional scopus, centered in Ecosystem.

5) Ecology of mind, of language, of genes, and so on... Ecology has become recently as the vedette leadress for integrating or and reintegrating knowledge, among diverse disciplines of social sciences.

6) Systematic and Systemic focus are complementary and synergic. The more systemic approach we adivine for Zoology et al., don't mean a loss of academic hours et al., but on the reverse, imply a renovating of the academic programs, within all those many recent discoveries in microbiology, as these new scientific findings are, in fact, of urgent application in academic programs that, by law, by common sense, and my leasure, must be renovated with time... because, if this is not so, ¿Para qué carajos, si no, sirve la investigación científica? Cuantos millardos nos ha costado? Por tradicion acaso, ¿deberian seguir por mas tiempo las universidades atrasadas, desfasadas, frente a una revolucion social, cientifica y tecnologica que sale más en las redes sociales y en los periodicos gratuitos del Bus, que en las obsoletas aulas de las universidades?

........   ..........


MATERIAL: Your own sensorial body


Shamanism, in a open, inclusional, and diverse forms.

Your shamanic development, growths on your own child inside you.

If you look at (other) children, they are almost always very much more actives, than we adults generaly are, and discovering within themselves all that terrain of infinite possibilities as said by Quantum Physics.

The theory of the primacy of movement, give birth thru children to a common practise in front of our eyes...

Fericgla said that shamanic logic is that of the children.

And we add that shamanic body practise is as the children, that is reactivating your own sensorial body by activities in nature, that increase our own sensorial powers, developping our own curiosity, and modulating in a new way, the wat we perceive the landscape, the ecosustem, and ourselves.

Phenomenology, Abduction, Mirror Neurons, The flesh of merleau-ponty, echolocation, antopoiesis global Selby Education, are as an invitation to see you reader too how this shamanic revolution has infected primordial areas of phylosophy, and sciences, and allows you to move among diferent scales thru a multiperspective approach across (biological) reality...

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