jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Changing Language-Mind-and-Brain

Matthieu Ricard en Redes
Ideas are words, words are ideas. As wittgenstein said, in the upper right window of this blog, your world is your word. The physical and real biological changes in your physical and real body, when you are speaking, acting, or / and thinking, are the atractors that measure the number of faces of your life, of your life polihedro. As much as more faces shape your life, that is, what you do, what you think, what you speak, mark the diversity of possibilities, real and physicaly rooted, the number of possibilities in choosing. Life is choosing. If life is choosing, more possibilities means more life, or more awareness, and more possibilities for "supervival", here meaning living "super", or in guaraní, "guay"...

Monolitic thinking, for example, is notorius when you heard how social movements, and critical speakers, almost develops their most time to answer to the political powers, in their same language, in their same coda, in the same ways, and thus, repeating the same rutines as official powers. This is the solipsist cage of wittgenstein, where the circularity of language is the heir of centuries of political powers using "esoteric" ("extrasensorial") tools, for receiving an "extra-support" from citizens. This is dedicated to mUrray gEll-mAnn. These so-called "esoteric" tools were derived of certain religious practices whose repetition, centuries later, were invading many other orders in society, as politics, and education, and leaking abusively within homes by the mediatic echoes.

When a certain action is well established in any species or culture, the critical mass of people needed for a radikal change in that action is higher, as all the biological rutines we follow doing "in the old way" make a strong biological conditioning through our habits, and preventing important changes to ocurr.

Looking to the origin and evolution of religion, from a western point of view, you discover that the most expanded way of living, both, in space, and in time, reach the scientific journals that, after times of eurocentrism, now talk about people dancing around the fire... And people sit down under a tree. And people around a table in any bar...

Well, the dancing around the fire is the circle, as the most historicaly frequent way to communicate among ourselves. Face to Face. Sometimes somewhere church became squared, or rectangular, and the bipolarity is expanding, during centuries, just today very visible among classrooms all over the world.

The success of science and society of knowledge is undeniable. ok? Murray Gell-Mann is happy to observe today that speaking about complexity and symplectics, or plectics, is not more a esoteric language. Yes, we have both enough, reductionistic science and systemic science. We have from both, and increasing, both, now at great speed, with citizens thru internet and scientists, making the dream. The dream of unification in science. The dream of a global science. The dream of a practical global science to see the same landscape of knowledge, but changing the perspectives. After unitary multiverse theory of reality collapsed as a reality herself, the race for unification of knowledges is following. Maybe wikipedia shortly change her text about Murray Well-Mann, because all the subjects studied by Murray are sciences...

If science comes from to perceive, to feel, to sense, thus, all the same feel a historian or social scientist too. We have the tools to re unification of all that pieces, or regions, of knowledge we call disciplines.

All we need is love. Loving Biology In Our Classrooms. Face to face. Physicaly. Eyes yo eyes. We cannot following treating, sensorialy, to the students as if they were rubish. And leaving the leaking of such a abusive drainage of their senses, of their bodies, of their knowledges, of their, and our, money.....

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