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David Icke - ¿Tenía razón?

1. Fascism:
he speaks on actual generalised fascism

2. Reptilian:
interestingly, Possitive Psychology claim for our reptile brain, who is the quiet brain that observes, pay attention, and can later to act, according to that information received by their sensorial equipment, without the interruption of "frenetic" mind that try to stop perceiving, and in that way, takes not enough sensorial information from environment.

3. our Reptil brain is what we all use in meditation, when the cleanness of our perception, of the world, is not interrumped by the frenetic thinking activity.

4. Pareidolias act precisely elliminating all the perceptual information, from the physical world, and designing a shorter road for our mind, that increase their believings, across certain clichés, certain simplified discourses, without us being aware of that...

5. Pareidolosis, that is the (a)perceptual sickness, is suffered mainly in people indoctrinated during many years within classrooms where people spatial distribution obeys to hyerarchical bipolar structure, where one speaks, and all the other, hear, pay attention, only to her or him.

6. As early all that monstruous classroom structure will be changed, we are close to cleaning society of all that implicit (in the classroom structure) fascism.

7. It is urgent, thus, that our students change the way they receive their lessons in classrooms.

8. In Britain 12 yrs old students work in "U" classroom, and dedicate almost their time to work in groups, dynamicaly, with computers... and so on.

9. In Denmark universities don't make the typical and oppresive final Exam that is so frequent, still now, for example in Spain, and the UMA university...

In Finnland, biology students don't receive almost lectures, but mainly practical tutorization. Being the first country in the world of education, the main objective of finnish students is to help to other students to understand the lessons. And this is not mere "altruism", but a "egoistic" solution to empower all the classroom, and for that a way to obtain best results for all people in society!

Husserl phenomenology was borning, precisely, after to see the horrors of 20th century wars. In that way he enhances a rationality firmly based on sensorial, direct experience.

Its results highly curious both titles in books, about Husserl Phenomenology, written by Javier Sanmartín: "Hacia una Racionalidad Fuerte" (Toward a Strong Rationality), and "Una Utopía de la Razón" (A Utopia for Reason). It is as this spanish phenomenologist wanted to SHOUT as strong as possible, for readers to be aware of the revolutionary path made by Husserl and Phenomenology.

For me, what Husserl opened is "The Pandora Box" of Shamanism, a very old knowledge system, which is the "Mother" of all knowledeg systems, and that was tried to be "clinically extirpated" among Western Knowledge Tradition.

It is now when Shamanism have reach a high recognised relevance among scientific journals...

Our mimouX multi co operative system aim is "reset Shaman", that is to renewal of that permanent, innate, and universal knowledge system, the Shamanism, again as a imprescindible tool, for western people...

The work is almost already made, after Decades of New Age, and alternative cultural globalization, making East and West closer.

Lately, Maturana and Varela take phenomenology to Neurosciences and Consciousness, across their idea of Autopoiesis.

Also Lynn Margulis, reach her fame, as biologist, by using Autopoiesis to explain symbiotic evolution in living beings, from bacteria on.

We now only need phenomenology reach the classrooms, in order to recover democracy and horizontal transfer within calssrooms, and all violence problems will be finished in classrooms, as young people are digital natives, and indigo human beings, that in fact nows more than their teachers!!! :)))

In that way, Alternative Education will reach finaly the formal education system, after so many years, demonstarting that their open and democratic and horizontal methods of learning, teaching, and research-action, are worthy to entry, definitely, and by "The Main Door" in Universities and formal education...:)))

A near day will arrive when if you ask to google for "U Classroom" (images), google will give you a greater number of images of "U Classroom", and lesser of the hyerarchical (fascist) ones...: )))

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