jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Diversity x Efficiency = reCreativity within The Eco-Grid

"Like the holes in a Cheese"
Diversity x Efficiency = reCreativity within The Eco-grid


1yo 2yoes 3yoes; 3yo 2yo 1yo


This post was inspired, recently, after enjoy to find across The web, this article:

The Eco-Grid is a very simplectic meme for all those Information Networks crossing permanently our sensing channels.

The Eco-Grid meme has the great advantage of being a meme born within Researcher on the field of information networks.

Being derived from Information Network workers, ECOGRID promise as a ideal omen for being subjuging information society.

TODAY informatics have many strength for changing the world we live within.

IN FACT, Informatics have already decisively changed this world !!!! :)))

WHAT IS amazing is that Left Movements, historicaly reacious towards Informatics and Internet, HAVE not the minimum capacity, and the minimum imagination power to SEE.

TO SEE that internet 2.0 is the father of all that recent revolutions from #spanishrevolution #11M

TO SEE that degrowth is already a real, actual, world, and global fact.

TO SEE, in mete TV, that 2012 will only brought a stupid 0,3 % in P.I.B. Growth!

Being all these DATA A MATTER OF FACT

AND BEING HOW The Most (co-domesticated) Educated People in Europe, DENY THE MERE reality in front of their eyes.

AND BEING HOW these same people following with the inaudite DENIAL of that Ca(ca)pitalism DO IS in a so (nothing-misterious) fall down, labelled by José Luis Sampedro as the Falling of Western (in)Civilization.

I have decided to look at the degeneration of the human race article, by Casilda Rodrigáñez, versión UNIVERSITIES.

And I invite to yu all, to read the next (post-ant-erior post)

On this article i will analyse a layer of the eco-grid, in very practical and implementing way---:)))

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