sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

"operacion Berlusconi"

(((: phonetic-visual-sinestesic transcription: "me.duele.aquí":)))

If yu prefer enjoy images...:)))

¿Jaw isis is to obtain 1000.000 images, or and, charichatures of this personnage across all our perfiles in twitter, blogs, facebook and allllll red sociales in order to obtain, onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

that any student in any university, for the next Primavera deis, enjoy within a room where movement-and-learning, are the same, as brainer not moving are actualy UNbrainers... yu andestan?

here yu ar a peticion publica dat llw kam translate any language in the world...plis... (sound, moreorless, as polise...)

here yu guill jab early, a causes public petition to embrace all social networks, and pasquines for that sacred mission, and magic, bicos suposse to take in "one dei" all the feudal classrooms within almos all universities, toward the modernity of twenty century...

But in yu wul add (this:))) to the early twenty century all the technological quantum reality that normal people lives aut of the space of universities (I spek meinli from UMMA: = function of UMA, after to aply berlusconi, o coñi, o cogny, operation, as a Málaguen-centered multi co opration process, centering in malaguen we apply a global democracy support towards a concrete place in this small world.

Once Malaguen (malaga province, más the sea and waters, and the clouds, borrascas and atmosphere, and the subsea relefs, so percefctly described in spanish scientists oceanographists... the sea of alboran, afroropa,

AS POLITICAL pragmatical concrete petitoion, across "Operacion berluscoñi", is that alboran coasts will after spring of 2012, a "new" Eurorregion, incrementing the efficiency of transalboran, or afroropa interrelationships, within mutual universities, within mutual eco-social systems (we know of trans alboran national parks across betic ranges amd rif)

zenqiw! :)))

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