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Mindfulness or Mindful awareness is something that is growing in popularity here in the West due to its effectiveness in helping individuals through certain issues that they may be experiencing in their lives.

One thing that may surprise many is that the Mindfulness course that are prescribed by doctors and is now recommended in the guidelines of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a treatment of choice for recurrent depression actually has been around for thousands of years and actually has its roots in Buddhism.

Today Mindfulness has been merged together with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is widely know as Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy.

If you would like to know more about Mindfulness or Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy then you will want to check out the sections below. Maybe you have questions that you would like answers to, or maybe your would like to look up a class in your local area.

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If you are not new to Mindfulness or even an instructor then we are always happy for you to share your opinions and views in the Forum or, maybe you would like to write an article and submit it for the benefit of others.

Mindfulness instructors can also add their class to in the Classes and Instructors section for free.

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