lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Alfa-Beta-Gamma Knowledge Diversity

We aim exploring Knowledge Society according to that three variables used in ecology and biogeography. One ecosystem here may be one discipline, or multidiscipline. One multi-ecosystem landscape may be one interdiscipline, as the result of interrelationships among their diferent disciplines, or multidisciplines within. Finaly Gamma diversity would come from the consideration of a transdisciplinary view, where all conceptual barriers have disolved among inter disciplines or among multi disciplines or disciplines, in the way to see an overall conceptual landscape without any barriers within.

We think that the three ways of scientific logics, Deducation, Induction, and Abduction, correspond with that three conceptual divisions, or barriers, among knowledge society. In a multi- or discipline, deduction is more used. Induction in Interdisciplines. Anda abduction in Transdiscipline view.

We also related the first of that three, with the profesional work of scientist. The second would be the movements of scientist at home. The third the movements of scientist in the community, or the barrio where she lives.

We want to use that model for three steps in one scalated problem.

In the first step we have the syndrome of deficit in attention, which is tried to correct with pharmacia tools.

In the second we have the same problem but seen from a diferent view and concept. The indigo children.

In third step we have the liberation of barriers in actual hierarchical classroom as a way to ameliorate the situation...

Here in spanish info about three dversity index

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