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El Libro de La Vida

The Akashic Records (aka The Book of Life)

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Collectively, the Akashic Records are a field of energy that holds the past, present, and future knowledge of all things, and it manifests everywhere at once. Within this all-encompassing field are individual energy fields for each being that are immensely vast in their own right. An individual field is known as the Akashic Record, the Akashic Field, or The Book of Life for an individual; and it contains every thought, word, intent, emotion, and deed of that soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. This field also holds the deepest meanings and connections between each piece of information, plus the soul's purpose, callings, talents, and lessons. Information in each soul's Record becomes available through a certain unique frequency, like a fingerprint encoded into the energies of the universe.

People access the Records in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. For instance, the famous 20th Century prophet and medium, Edgar Cayce, accessed Akashic information while in a kind of trance state. It was within this state that he was able to bring forth information to heal multitudes as well as to see into the past and future as few have. He gave 14,306 readings that have been well documented and studied, covering over 10,000 topics. He founded the Association for Research & Enlightenment in Virginia in 1931, and this organization still builds upon the information revealed in Cayce's readings.

Nostradamus also admitted using the field of the Akashic Records to bring forth all of his prophecies, but he worked with methods of access derived from Greek oracles, mysticism, and the Kabbalah. Still other Akashic Record consultants invoke sacred prayers to gain access, or receive information while they sleep or through other rituals.

Famous inventors, musicians, writers, and creators of every type have felt a deep connection to the Akashic Records--even when not consciously aware of it--and have received amazing works from them. The Records indicate that one's frequency must be aligned a certain way to receive the information imparted. So, to receive a musical composition, one must generally have some musical ability; to receive a literary work, one must be somewhat literate; and to receive an idea about the makeup of subatomic particles, one must have some understanding of laws of Nature or a propensity toward physics. The Akashic Records stipulate that an idea may come forth simultaneously from places on opposite ends of the globe when there is a necessity for that idea. In such a case, more than one person must hold the frequency to accept that particular piece of information.

People who access the Akashic Records frequently receive ideas for inventions or other works long before they come into being. For instance, I received concrete plans for GPS, movies on demand, home PC repair businesses, and ergonomics in the early 1970s. The technology for movies on demand is still in its infancy, but the other ideas have flourished. Some people who access the Records receive information before the fact to avert danger or other misfortunes, for themselves and others.

Certain individuals have the ability to access and utilize the special field of the Akashic Records to help individuals move past blocks to success, relationships, path, prosperity, health, and personal truth. Spiritual counselors, consultants, life coaches, or healers of various types gain access to a client's Records after receiving informed consent, and then they work through any issues that a client requires clarity or closure. One who accesses the Records on another's behalf can often empower somebody to release blocks to self-knowledge, purpose, prosperity, or growth very quickly. Once lessons are learned, and the soul's purpose becomes clear, one is free to move to the next life task. Somebody adept at the Records can see into addictive patterns, the whys of self-defeating behaviors and relationships, the whys of negative habitual responses, and effective ways to create alignment and action in life.

Leslee J. Klinsky has been doing professional Akashic Records consultations, hands-off, hands-on, and distant vibrational energy healing sessions since 1995. She is formally trained in Akashic Record work, energy and aura manipulation, shamanistic journeying and extraction, crystal work, Kundalini rising, Tantric healing, Medicine Buddha empowerment, and a variety of other disciplines. She is also a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and a bearer of Violet Flame and Violet Light healing. By utilizing multiple disciplines and the ability to see and feel energy patterns and imbalances, she can manipulate energy and information for the highest good. She specializes in sessions that combine the wisdom of the Akashic Records with potent energy block releases. Visit her websites at http://www.energy-connection.net andhttp://www.akashicdreams.com

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