miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

¡Mamma Mía! aka A.D.H.D.




0. Before all, I was impressed by the naturality of scientific communication language in Biosemiotics.
1. The abduction for scientific strict language prevented the ability of scientist to expand to common people their knowledges.
2. It is very easy to color our texts by a trple index.
3. representationism, embodiement and embededness can be in that easy way enhanced by colors in any texts.
4. hemisferitis acute hemyplanetary is the name of the sickness by the representationism abuse in nowdays science.
5. hemyplanetary because we consider scientific noosfera, as only a part of noosphere.
6. any body, as ours, can be studied as any geographical or physical territory.
7. scientists about brain tend to be abducted by respresentationism, speaking almost only of brain, that is, from their left brain.
8. slave classrooms, where hierarchic is physical structure of fixed seats, produce planiland perception actualy.
9. slave classromms almost only enhanced the left brain.
10. In that way university educated people tend to be reality, that is landscapes, only in a plate perception. 2d.
11. Scientist almost educated in that planiland tend to be only monodimensionaly across their own monodiscipline.
12. Deducation, is thus the scientific method of approach in planiland minded scientis.
13. Induction ocurrs for example when one field of knowledge oncrease its field, passin to a time of induction process where new knowledges, which before were ignored, are incorporated to the corpus of that field.
14. Abduction, in Pearce sens, occurs when a field suffers a big revolution and almost all scientists dedicated to increase quicly the conceptual and semantic space of that field.
15. Deducation, when seen when the field was quietly growing before any revolution, can be seen as abduction typo one, or 1.0, or alien abduction, as sequestering...
16 Maybe the best case of abduction 1.0 was the guillotine of ockam established as a strong barriers in our neck, cuting and isolating the brain and our heads, in the language of brain stenoic scientists.
17 take any article of "brain".
18. take the colors to mark the phrases where any of three levels is explicited.
19. representationist ("only me, the brain"), embodiment (brain and body), embededness (embodied embeded phenomenology)

that three levels of approach will be complemented by strong and weak barrier analysis, link, corridor and node analisis, and alfa-beta-gamma knowledge diversity in conecptual terms, as explained in other recent posts. thanks........................................................

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