lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

The "Hard Problem" was Classroom Hard Ware

The "Hard Problem" would seem ridiculous for primary extraterrestrilal students

Exploring the virgin and luxury 21th new science, we have discovered two pieces. Maybe both pieces are two faces of the same question. Maybe. On the left you have the scientific and philosophical byzantine question about the so called "hard problem" of phenomenological consciousness. A pure obviety is being discussing ardualy ¡on 21th century!. You feel: ¿At what side is the psychiatric border?

On the right you have the freezed army, thousand millions people whose more vital part of their lives are comdemned to something a half square meter, during 1500 hours a year, rigid, static, 99% looking miserably the backs of their supossed companions. No one looking directly at eyes themselves, nothing facilitated that question.

Laterality, co evolved during thousands millions years from first bilateral ancestral, was taken to rubbish.

So, as Maturana said, University make us more clever and more stupid. Maybe all stupidity we meet that part of history of earth, in some species, maybe human too, maybe co rrelated with that old scholastic classrooms, that have blended, during years, very good brains to produce a very narrow and good new science.
Now changes are here. Science is political power. Biological science is biopower. And classrooms may change a little their hyerarchical geometric trend.

Anyway take care. Your money invested in that obsolete classroom type are evaporating.

The curious thing is that people opinions differentiate among the different practisioners, They who know circular classrooms, with free chairs, have a clear election. Anyway both models are compatible, as PC.

The hard problem was within the hard ware; the hard ware into the classroom inhabited; the inhabited classroom were only virtual life; as the ortogonal geometric organization; a hiper brain were constructing; look at history; look at domestic fauna; look at wild fauna; never you will meet; such only regular shape; for supossed learning people; for a complex system out side; five: minutes; from windows looking out; epoché; clarividencia; mindfullclassroomness; pero llena de ké; clasroom waited; a no end of revolutions; if new global communication era; within classroom is invitated faithfully; thousands millions people "quieren respirar"!

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