Copylife, Infimonikal, minouX, and Mocoputomoco are the four co technological tools whose fluid use of them is possible in little time. Community-learning-life is based on a intuitive idea: "We all are indigenous". Copylife (community learning life), such a term, was already used from 2005. Is the oldest being ruminated, from the four co technological tools. Infimonikal co Mathematical System is a very simple and intuitive "low" numerical co mathematical system that facilitate enormously the reflections about any subject, just you will going to a very simple system where 0ne, Three, and Eight are the "owners", are the only numbers you need to think, in a very co efficient way, all the incredible (in numbers and qualitative) all new science. minouX (my apologising by the "sustraction" of that term, we would change it if any "loyal" problem arise), minouX is a co Operative System that comes from all that new science that look towards integration (pegamento, phenomenology) versus, always in lovely complementarity with, representationism (scissors, tijeras), or desintegration. Your body is a very inteligent co technological system whose efficiency increase with the increase in your own phenomenological awareness, called "acechar" for shamanism, mindfullness, atencion alerta,or inspiración.

So called "new techonologies", just the term, presuposses something like "operación malaya" for global societies, from the beginning of this so interesting technological revolution. You were being negated, ninguneado, each time in the tv, 20 years ago, any intelectual was "their" image seen by any one. Because no intelectual was interpeled without the pc, as a "twin companion", hermano gemelo. In this way people, or certain part of people, tended to see that techonologies a something wholy new, when a placid, common sensical, observation permits all us to see that, as for all processes in life Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are both, a product, and a process. The denial of the historical character of ICT take also the denial of their dynamics, for all that pre-constructed, in the mind of many people, "new" technologies. In this way, space- temporal connections (that is history) were ignored, among that the mere fact that we humans have been the designers of that marvellous creatures, cyborgs. All that "new" co-technological tools take a first position integrating your own co technological, biological actual powers, with the symbiont: for example, in this case, the pc.

MOCOPUTOMOCO is a more recent co techonological tool, from that small population of many more. Any way that four co-technological tools sume up very much the "core". Mocoputomoco is a co server, feeding in both, "inside" and "outside" sensosphere. 1) The pc, 2) you, and 3) all the ecosystem (eco brain) were you are now "trans connected". One connection is within pc, for example with New York Indymedia, and other (your "hard disc") the real sensations that sume up in that moment your "outside sensosphere" available archives.

Zangaya is a personalized game. I began designating my own one example. Based on my own subjective experiences, as a spider web, as my web of life situated on real space and time. In similar ways, David Abram described the biographical map traced by shamanism in aboriginal cultures, where places and times make that subjective net that is registered by a personal song. ("La magia de los sentidos")

What all that co techonologies show us is that they take you to a continuous phenomenological re co nsideration of your main available archives anyway, what we could call: World 0.0 (BIOLOGY-WITH-CULTURE, versus BIOLOGY /// and /// CULTURE)