viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

La Ñosfera: El Ñozklo Intuiligente

Quantum Phenomenal Shamanism. Or Commons' Sense? (Science)

From Quantum Phisics and Phenomenology the way returning towards Shamanism,
formaly out of formal scientific channels during centuries, is nowdays so
easy as play for a children. The pleasurable road to that attempt, always
attempt, is the so rich science of xxi century, plenty of innumerable models
that every year were approaching pore and more, and in more disciplines of
that marvellouus and at the same babel tower of modern "european· science,
to Commons, to the so many voices of just people living in the same planet
as scientists, that have finaly reached the critical mass of common sense
converging with shamanism.

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Minimal believings come from observation within Nature. Nature of course
without that stupid cartesian distinctions, dychotomies, as country and
city, countrysity anyway. Nature for shamanism is the place where you move.
I say moving as our attention potentials increase powerfuly within movement.
Movement in the windy surroundings, for example, in Cadiz Winter, or
movement because you yourself move your own body across different places.
Not only movements in Personal Computers.

Well, as a consequence very logical of that developments in global science,
technology has been sprouting too. TURURÚ. As we have four powerful co
Technological apliccations with whose you can play to "be a shaman", again,
or better, to rediscover your "inside chaman", your within child. As
children thinking is the chosen term for shamanism thinking by Josep María
Fericgla, that notes that shamanism, as a knowledge process, develops
throughout an intense and continuos, and concious, we could say
phenomenological, inmersion, in landscape, in your everyday landscape, or

mocoputomoco, co server... look at search machines at your hands.
copylife, a de- and re- codifier, look and search...
minouX, a co operative system...look at its using your common sense.....the
way is the message....if life is a wholy irregular game, the only
perceptible, 24 hours a day, laws are what you are perceiving.

Infimonikal : after that announcement today is made at honorable indymedia
of new york, we please al programa carne cruda de radio tres in spain,
following that game... (as explains in artexts, aside)..

after telecinco tomara el relevo and preparará el prohrama ciencia 24 horas,
con tambores en la proxima luna llena de ciencia esos son deseos,
factibles, sencillos y muy rentables, ante el deficit de sentido comun que
vivimos y el deficit en ciencia global que tambien vivimos y sobre todo
viven los sientificos....

y un campeonato del mundo de yembes por afrika (ver jota pe ges),
chau...medes pido alafran cesa
Sharing-Knowledge Society - "Sociedad del ComuniConocimiento"=CoñocimientO

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