lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

The Brain Black Hole in Information Society

In next futures you would note easily when a thinker is trying to speak about life, but using merely a very small piece of life. Brain, our human brain is just but a very small portion of all the system interacting to catch all the magics of life you feel in your own life. Brain is a subset, of a subset, of a subset. Brain is a small subset of all the body. The body is a small subset of actualy all interacting ecosystem, or eco brain.

Thinking brain is going to pass into a better term, for a better comprehension: thinking body.

All your thinking process are the epiphenomenom of the synestetic networking by the five sensing co systems. As your (called) mind. When mindfulness is learning, or relearned, the thinking process happens in a very different way to the "stress" thinking. You are aware, then, of the working of your interacting multisensorial system. They are not one plus one plus... sensorial system, but a integrating and integrated sensorial system transconnected within all ecosystem or eco brain. In that peaceful state of the mind, sensorial systems are "clean", being not interrumped by an almost continuous process of impulsive thinking, where we feel that our sensorial channels are almost collapsed because the "sensorial windows" are obliterated by thinking and thinking.

Thinking, thus, as a integrative "clean" process, have been defined as the sixth sense, the sixth channel, as the integrative channel that "translate" by means of thinking, the overall work of our synestetic multichannel sensorial system.

We thus do have a "thinking body", and not only a "thinking brain", just because it is your body at all who integrate all that important vital processes. Here is the position by phenomenology of Edmund Husserl. Husserl speak about sensorial realm in the body, and, as an extension, the intersubjectivity composed by we, our own bodies, and the other bodies of the other humans.

Well, also we consider the "thinking ecosystem", as the third level, or the third dimension in our Embodied and Embeded Phenomenology, or Cognition. If all the information of your companion ecosystem is able to interact with your body, your senses, and for that, with your brain, that means that it is the ecosystem who think, who talk, and who act. Ecosystem is your hard disk. Your body is the RAM memory. You always is using from both reservoirs: from your body and brain, and from the "outsidse" ecosystem.

All times we said "thinking" applied to brain, to body, or ecosystem (ecobrain) you could also read: sensing, or feeling, as we said that the process of "thinking" may be considered, holisticaly, as a sinestetic multisensorial epiphenomenon.

All that ideas are the out put of the digestion processes in 21th century neurosciences. It is good we pay attention to that bottleneck, or black hole, in information society. The way is not narrow, but very wide. The discussions about "the phenomenological obviety of phenomenological consciousness" you may find in internet, or scientific papers, remember to me the medieval discussions about angel' sex, in that if evidence must be submitted to proof and argument...

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